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Ann Opperman

Window Genie of Franklin was great to work with and did very good work. They communicated clearly over the phone, gave us accurate estimates, showed up on time, and did an outstanding job of (1) window cleaning and (2) applying a reflective…

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Rachael Harvey

We have a lot of windows, Eddie & John did a great job, I will recommend this company and use them again when needed

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Marie Halford

Great job! Sent them to my neighbors.

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Bonnie R

Great job following a house reno. Windows were covered in years of grime as well as construction dust. Window Genie made all that disappear. Prompt response and quality personnel. Definitely recommend!

Jennifer Smith

Window Genie is on time, courteous and does a wonderful job!

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Bart A

Great service for our windows and gutters

Robert Duhaime

Good company. Always excellent service and efficient.

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David Andrade

Very good service, dependable and highly qualified

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Erich M

Great service! These guys were really pro and the windows are crystal clear!

Alli F

Very professional and excellent service.

Trish Payne

Window Genie is not the cheapest company around, but they are the only company I will hire to clean my windows and gutters! Rolland is a stand-up guy and his workman are prompt and polite. You can try the cheap, low class company that puts …

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Denise Jones

Window Genie is great !

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Alan Moore

Excellent Business! Very trustworthy and fairly priced. Highly recommend!

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Shari Fox

Window Genie does an impeccable job!

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Sally Martin

Great Job done by very trust worthy guys! They show up on time, do a great job and work non stop until the job is done.

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Christine Deekens

Always professional and efficient. Windows are left spotless!!

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Eleanor P

They did a fantastic job! Made every window on our house sparkle inside & out. Even attic windows and difficult to reach upstairs windows were cleaned quickly and very well. Thank you!

Christopher Strohler

I expected Window Genie to do a good job because they have a good reputation, but they far exceeded my expectations. Our home is four stories tall and every window was cleaned "nose to glass" (a term I learned on the internet). Which means …

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Jennifer Heifner

Window Genie did a great job for us! They exceeded all our expectations. They were courteous, on time, and most important, they did a great job! They cleaned our windows inside and out, and power washed our deck and porch. We will …

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