Don’t let the sun be your interior designer

Don't let the sun be your interior designer

Unfiltered sunlight that comes through windows can expose your family and possessions to damaging effects of the sun, including harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

3M™ Window Film blocks up to 99% of UV rays— the single largest cause of fading, helping to protect your hardwood floors, rugs, window treatments, furniture, artwork—and you!*

While no film can stop fading completely, 3M films dramatically slow the progress of fading to keep your possessions looking beautiful longer.

To learn more, contact Window Genie of Peninsula, your Authorized 3M Dealer.

3M Authorized Window Film Dealer
The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these 3M Window Film products as effective UV Protectants. * According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, window film is one of several recommended safeguards against UV damage.

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