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In the home service industry, help is becoming dehumanized. Solutions are built on convenience —not care, and though homeowners are more connected than ever, finding good help is no easy task.  Neighborly is a platform that brings all the great  brands together in one place.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to “home service providers.” In fact, if you typed that little phrase into Google right now, you’d get over 3 million results. But, chances are, you don’t need millions of plumbers, or landscapers, or painters, or electricians. You just need one expert that you can trust. And when you need them, you need them, like, now. No one knows that better than us at Neighborly, one of the largest and most trusted home services companies in the world.

A Free Service That Helps You…

  • Quickly find reputable, locally owned home service providers.
  • Easily scan through business reviews and ratings left by your neighbors.
  • Create your own seasonal maintenance task list.
  • Receive emails when it’s time to do an important home maintenance task, or have it done for you.
  • Have your service history at your fingertips, so you never have to go looking for old receipts to find out when your dryer was last serviced, or when your carpets were last steam cleaned.

There are never any monthly charges, no tiers to choose from, no trying to figure out the difference between independent contractors. Neighborly is simply the professionals and craftspeople you need to get the job done. Our difference is our people. Every one of our brands runs on R.I.C.H. values. We know what it means to take care of someone’s home, and we take the trust homeowners put in us very seriously. Neighborly is the only home services brand that makes good help easy to find.

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