Deck Washing Before and AfterHas your wood deck or wood fence become gray, dingy and weathered over the years? Have you thought that replacing the wood was the only answer? Do you avoid outdoor entertaining because you are embarrassed by how bad it looks? If the answer is yes, Window Genie has the solution that can save you time, money and a lot of aggravation.

Deck cleaning service for Broomfield, Boulder, Superior and the surrounding communities is the answer. Our initial wood cleaning process begins with a safe, medium-pressure wash to remove the dead wood fibers, as well as, old sealers and algae. Once the wood is back to a “like new” appearance, our trained technicians apply a premium wood sealer to safely protect your wood from the harmful effects of the sun and rain. With a variety of sealer colors designed to enhance the wood grain, not cover it up, our professionals will help you select the right color for your project. With a regular 2-year maintenance program, Window Genie will help keep your wood looking its best and avoid the costly problems of splintering, warping and cupping that occurs to unsealed wood.


Deck Washing During

One year after sealing, your deck will still be protected against water damage, rot and decay. Depending on the location of your deck and how often it is used, it may be necessary to do a light yearly cleaning for aesthetic reasons. Sealing is not required at this point. If dirt accumulation is minimal, you should be able to do this yourself following the instructions below. Window Genie also offers a yearly cleaning service for your convenience.

We pre-treat the wood with our own Dirt and Algae killer, if the wood is extremely gray or mildewed. This loosens the ground-in dirt and kills the mildew that exists on the surface, as well as down in the wood. It is also extremely effective when removal of old sealer is necessary.

We pressure wash all exposed surfaces to safely remove dead wood fibers, dirt and mildew. This helps to restore the natural look to the wood and prepares it for the sealer.

We protect the wood with a premium sealer with equipment specially designed to apply the correct amount of product. This protects the wood from the sun and water and gives a rich, lustrous finish to the wood.