cleaner_glassGive your entire home a sparkling shine with WG-57. What’s great about WG-57 is that it’s perfect for glass, but can also clean granite, leather, and more. WG-57 is specially designed to clean almost every surface in your home. It’s completely ammonia free and has a mild fresh scent. WG-57 ‘s clinging foam will hold to all household surfaces and will never drip.  WG-57 will cut through grease and reduce reoccurring dust build up all with a streak free finish.  WG-57 is safe on glass, wood, plexiglass, granite, stainless steel and so much more…57 uses and counting!


What makes WG-57 Great?


  • Clinging foam cleaner that holds to the surface
  • No Ammonia
  • Evaporates clear & quickly
  • Safe for Polycarbonates & Plexiglass
  • Does not drip or run
  • Fresh Sent
  • Cuts through grease and polishes
  • Streak free finish, especially with a micro-fiber towel

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