Residential Sun & Insect Screens

Window Cleaning Services

Need to lower the temperature in a few rooms – or your entire house? Sun screens are designed to reject up to 90% of the sun’s heat and glare. Window Genie provides the finest in exterior sun control by offering Phifer Sun Control Screening products. Phifer SunTex® fabric is made of strong vinyl-coated polyester and is mildew and fade resistant. Their sturdy aluminum frame and screen materials come in a variety of popular colors to match your existing home décor. If you’re looking to block heat, reduce glare and lower your utility bills, sun screens installed by Window Genie can set you on the correct path.

Why Solar Sun Screens:Front of a Brick House

  • Reject Heat
  • Reduce Glare
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Increase Privacy
  • Block Harmful UV rays
  • Keep Bugs and Debris Away
  • Prevent Melting Artificial Turf

Bug & Insect Screens

Open the windows and let the breeze in – while keeping the bugs out! Window Genie offers quality insect screening for windows, doors, patios and porch enclosures. Our Phifer TuffScreen® is a heavy-duty product that is ideal for high traffic areas, while still offering great outward visibility. Bug and insect screens are a perfect way to enjoy the pleasant outdoor breeze, while keeping all the pests out.


Sliding Screen Patio Doors

Ironwood™ sliding screen doors offer a great way to keep your home open while blocking heat and keeping pests outside. Manufactured with a tough aluminum frame, including metal handle, latch and steel wheels, our sliding screen doors are a great versatile addition to your home. And better yet, our screen doors can be outfitted with your choice of bug and insect screen, sun screen or pet screen. Choose the material that best meets your needs and we will have your home ready for outdoor entertaining.


Screen & Frame Repair & Replacement

Whether it’s the screen itself, the frame, or both… Window Genie is here to fix it! Have a perfectly good window screen frame, but the screen has a nasty tear? How about a screen frame with a bent side? Or maybe your current screen just needs a complete overhaul? Well, Window Genie to the rescue. No job is too small. We can take your existing window screen (insect or solar) and make the necessary repairs.