Window Genie of Olympia is leading the charge in Softwash certified roof cleaning in the South Puget sound. Safety is our top priority and as such we adhere to all OSHA guidelines with regards to fall protection and PPE. While we prefer to clean roofs from the ground this is not always possible. The standard roof cleaning and treatment service consists of three phases.


  • Phase one is an onsite estimate and visitation. If it is determined that your roof will require safety anchors to provide a safe workplace those will be included in your quote.

  • Phase two begins with installation of anchors and removal of loose debris from the surface of the roof.

  • Phase three is the roof treatment portion. We do NOT use high pressure to wash or clean your roof. Our system is self-contained and uses only 70 PSI (less than most garden hoses) to deliver the solution. It is “painted” on rather than sprayed to ensure that it penetrates deep and has an even coating.

We use a proprietary mixture which is environmentally safe and pet and plant friendly to treat your roof. Typically we apply 50 gallons of solution to a standard family home. It is formulated to target only the moss, mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria that grow on your roof. We recapture any solution that exits through your gutter. You may even notice it has a rain fresh scent.  All treaments are guaranteed to prevent regrowth for one year and many customers have experienced three years of protection from a single application.

Since we’ll have the ladders out, Window Genie also suggests getting your gutters cleaned.  A full service gutter clean entails removing dirt and debris from the inside of the gutter and flushing the downspouts to ensure they are flowing freely. Afterwards Window Genie of Olympia will caulk any minor leaks and scrub the face of the gutter to remove any unsightly algae or dirt.

We are committed to using only the highest quality products and gear. MSDS, licenses, proof of insurance, and much more are available upon request.