3M™ Window Film Benefits

3M, a brand you trustWhat is 3M™ window film, and is it for me?

3M Window Film is your friend. 3M Window film, or 3M Window Tint is one of those incredible products that pay for itself over time. 3M Window Film is universally beneficial to any home or office because it significantly lowers energy use and utility bills. There are countless reasons to have window film installed in your home beyond saving money. We’re here to discuss some of the benefits you can enjoy by installing 3M window film.

FADE: stop the fading of your fine furnishings with 3M window film

3M window films offer 99% UV protection to help eliminate the fading of your fine furnishings, carpet, hardwood floors, paintings and window treatments. The suns harsh rays are working nonstop to negatively affect the beauty and integrity of your interior. Left unprotected, windows provide easy entry into your home for the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Properly selected 3M window tint can significantly reduce fading and helps you relax knowing that your possessions are safe. While no window tint can completely stop fading, 3M window films will significantly reduce the three major components that cause fading; UV, heat and visible light.

GLARE: can’t see a dang thing on the screen?

That irritating “white” light glare is a common problem in windows facing South, West and East. You have to move your seat to see your TV and end up just closing the curtains to read your email. This glare or white-light can cause a room to become uncomfortable and annoying to be in. When it comes to your home, you want to take full advantage of the style and ambiance that you created. Glare often times requires that blinds or drapes be drawn to make the room feel livable. Doing so eliminates the view and requires the constant adjusting of the window treatments. The addition of 3M window film can cut down on the glare while still allowing for a clear view of the outside. Enjoy a bright sunny room without feeling like you need to wear your sunglasses inside. Properly selected 3M window film can blend with the style of your home, adding to it a look and feel that actually complements the overall decor.

Utility Bills, Energy Use: GO GREEN & SAVE MONEY

Having 3M window film applied in your home or office is a great investment because it pays for itself over time. During every season, 3M window film helps eliminate unnecessary energy use to keep your home a comfortable temperature. Think of window film as your HVAC system’s partner in crime. Together they battle your home’s energy waste and save you money on utility bills without compromising comfort.

During hot summer days, 3M window film deflects up to 79% of solar energy that penetrates your windows, heating your home. This gives your AC a break from having to work double-time to keep you cool. You no longer have to draw the blinds and curtains and live like a vampire to keep the sun’s heat off of you. You can still enjoy the benefits of a naturally bright sun-drenched room, but now without the heat, as these films will not darken your windows tremendously. Think of it as big sunglasses for your house!

In the winter, 3M window film acts as an insulator, holding the heat in your home. High utility bills in the winter are a homeowner’s biggest nightmare. Everyone’s been there… the internal struggle on whether to put a scarf and mittens on while watching TV… or turn the heat up and pay for it later. Neither of those sounds like a good time!


That window in your bathroom really could use a set of blinds. It’s time to quit giving your neighbors a peep show. Don’t want to darken the “office” with curtains or blinds? 3M window film comes in a variety of choices from frosted to decorative to reflective privacy film that looks mirror-like from outside.

3M window film strengthens glass for increased security; intruders or extreme weather are less likely to be able to break the window. If they do, 3M window film secures dangerous shards acting similarly to a broken windshield.


Have you ever tried to apply window film yourself? NOT EASY. Home improvement stores do carry DIY versions of window film, but none of them compare to the quality of 3M window films that Window Genie of Peninsula provides. 3M window film application takes precision, a steady hand and a ton of supplies. Hiring help means the job will be done right and you don’t have to spend the day struggling only to end up frustrated because you left bubbles in the windows and have to start over. Window Genie of Peninsula is a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer and is licensed in the state of California (license is needed for installation above $500). Ask Window Genie of Peninsula for a complete list of inventory and to discuss options to fit your needs.

We hope you understand a bit more about window film than you did before. Don’t take our word for it, do your homework and call Window Genie of Peninsula at (650) 779-5177 to discuss your needs further.

3M Authorized Window Film Dealer

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