3M Window Film Protecting Your Family’s Skin from Harmful Rays

Window Genie is a national leader in residential and commercial window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter maintenance, but did you know that we are also a big player in the fight against skin cancer? Window Genie of Peninsula offers the 3M™ Window Film which boasts a variety of benefits for your home, the environment and your skin. Read on to learn more how the 3M Window Film protects your family’s skin from harmful rays.

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UV rays – the enemy of healthy skin.

When you hear people talking about the links between skin cancer and UV rays, they are talking specifically about ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is a major risk factor for many kinds of skin cancers. Tanning beds create ultraviolet radiation, which is why they are mentioned so often as being a danger to your health. In short, UV rays damage cells, burn the skin and contribute to your risk of developing skin cancer. The only way to prevent this is by limiting your exposure!

UV rays make up only a marginal portion of the sun’s rays, which explains why sun exposure has dichotomous effects on the human body. You need sunlight for vitamin D and healthy skin, and yet it is a leading cause of skin cancer; how do you get the good without the bad?

3M Window Film is the answer. While reducing glare, the film filters out up to 99% of UV rays, giving your sun-exposed skin all of the nourishment it needs without the harsh UV rays and harmful effects.

UV rays are still a danger inside the home.

Some people think that being indoors automatically eliminates their chances of being exposed to harmful UV rays. This is far from the truth; some home environments can actually intensify the harmful effect of UV rays.

It isn’t hard to see why you aren’t safe indoors; many rooms rely on sunlight for illumination and heat, and many people and animals bask in sunshine from inside their homes. You are not immune to UV rays simply because you have a roof overhead; they do not fall in vertical lines, so you can’t play the angles to escape UV rays. If you are in sunlight and your window panes are not treated with 3M Window Film, you are harming your skin and increasing your risk of developing cancer.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these 3M Window Film products as effective UV Protectants. * According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, window film is one of several recommended safeguards against UV damage.

Stay safe with Window Genie window film.

Our window films keep you safe in a number of ways, yet are non-invasive. Our window film will not obstruct your favorite views in any way. Our window film is easy to maintain, with our adhesive system tolerant of even the strongest cleaners, our film resistant to scratching, and your warranty keeping the coating is pristine condition for life on residential installations.

More importantly, Window Genie keeps your family safe and healthy indoors. Enjoy the warmth, nourishment, and illumination of natural indoor sunlight without the health risks, as the window film provide up to 99% UV protection. This will keep your pets, guests, and loved ones safe, even while it reduces the fading that flooring, furniture, and curtains will show if left in the sun over long periods of time. The importance of window film is only increasing as we spend more and more time indoors, bouncing between the office and the home every day.

Though it may have seemed like a stretch when you first read it, it should not be clear that Window Genie is an important ally to have in the fight against skin cancer. We are more than a residential and commercial window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter maintenance company. Visit our web pages today to learn more about us!

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