Top 4 Reasons Your Need 3M Window Film

Having 3M™ Window Film installed in your home/office will immediately transform how your space looks, feels and affects your daily routine. If you’re curious about what 3M window film is, what it does and if it’s worth it… read on! Backed by our manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, you’ll feel safe choosing a brand you can trust, installed by Window Genie of Peninsula! We’re here to offer the TOP 4 REASONS you should have 3M Window Film installed professionally.

3M Authorized Window Film Dealer

1. Go Green & Save Money

3M Window Film is amazing for many reasons, but the fact that it pays for itself over time tops our list. By deflecting the sun’s heat and insulating your windows, you’re increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems year round. This immensely reduces energy consumption which equates to lower utility bills!

2. Reduce Glare

Glare is like a gnat you can’t swat. For those who work from home at a computer, or have a television in a sun-drenched living room know what I mean. You’re either strategically arranging your furniture or drawing the blinds to comfortably view your screens and avoid glare. 3M Window Film was specifically created to reduce glare while enhancing the view from your home windows. Unfortunately when the sun hits glass it causes refraction and light displacement decreasing your comfort, making the television unwatchable, and destroying your view. Your windows are meant to be looked out of and enjoyed, not covered by blinds and drapes just to be able to get some work done on the computer or watch your favorite TV show.

3. Protect Your Floors, Furniture & Skin From Harmful UV Rays

3M Window film prevents fading of wood floors, expensive artwork, leather couches and more. By blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays, your interior furnishings remain unscathed as you bask in the natural light without also putting your family’s skin at risk. As your local Genie to explain the fading chart and walk you through which 3M window film will be the best for your fading prevention needs.

4. Increase Privacy & Security

3M Window Film can serve as a great decorative means to privacy in rooms such as ground floor bathrooms without sacrificing natural light. Installing an etched, stained or frosted film will do just that. 3M Privacy Film is also great for interior doors and windows in an office setting! Also, window film strengthens glass for increased security; intruders or extreme weather are less likely to be able to break the window. If they do, 3M window film secures dangerous shards acting similarly to a broken windshield.


Did you know? We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand the 3M window film technologies and navigate through all the available products on today’s market. 3M Window Film selection includes a variety of materials, colors and shades to fit every home and every budget. Call your locally owned and operated Window Genie of Peninsula today: (650) 779-5177


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