What many homeowners do not realize is that many home intruders are able to just walk right into your home through your front or back doors. There is almost no struggle at all to break into a home through an insecure window or unlocked door. Luckily there are a few things that homeowners can do to secure their homes through improving their windows and doors. Continue reading "Make Your Home More Secure"
What is 3M Window Film, and is it for me? 3M Window Film is your friend. 3M Window Film, or 3M Window Tint is one of those incredible products that pay for itself over time. 3M Window Film is universally beneficial to any home or office because it significantly lowers energy use and utility bills. There are countless reasons to have window film installed in your home beyond saving money. We're here to discuss some of the benefits you can enjoy by installing 3M Window Film. Continue reading "3M Window Film Benefits"
3M is a household name. In fact, I can guarantee you have something either made by 3M or invented by them in your home. Almost anywhere you could possibly be, 3M is there. One of their mottos is “You’re never more than 10 feet away from 3M science”. Cars, planes, homes, clothing, you name it and 3M is involved. That is why Window Genie of Peninsula worked hard to became Authorized 3M Window Film Dealer. Continue reading "Imagine a Better Home with 3M Window Film"
Window Genie is a national leader in residential and commercial window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter maintenance, but did you know that we are also a big player in the fight against skin cancer? Window Genie of Peninsula offers the 3M™ Window Film which boasts a variety of benefits for your home, the environment and your skin. Read on to learn more how the 3M Window Film protects your family’s skin from harmful rays. Continue reading "3M Window Film Protecting Your Family’s Skin from Harmful Rays"
Spring is right around the corner. Ahhh… The smell of fresh flowers, the joy of leaving your home without a winter jacket, and of course… spring cleaning. For a lot of you, this might make you want to go back into hibernation, but the reality is it’s a perfect time to get your home in order. There may be a few explanations as to why we as Americans feel the sudden urge to collectively purge, rearrange and restore our homes from top to bottom come springtime. Ben Franklin made us spring ahead, so who’s idea was it to spring clean? Continue reading "The History of Spring Cleaning"
It’s not a pleasant thought to have, but the likelihood this winter of an El Niño is increasing. There is no better time to handle all of the home maintenance chores that will keep your property protected under the El Niño conditions! Now is the time for rain gutter cleaning; if neglected, your home could be at serious risk of flooding and leaking. Continue reading "El Niño is coming!! – Stop Floods and Leaks with Rain Gutter Cleaning"