When people hear the term window film or window tint, the first thing that comes to mind is car windows. Window Genie of Peninsula would like to change that. Window Genie of Peninsula is 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer to bring home and business owners across the Peninsula an opportunity to save on utility bills while deflecting harmful UV rays that can fade furniture and damage your skin. With this article we want to give you a baseline understanding of what window film is. Continue reading "Window Tint 101"
  According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), nearly half of all eye injuries occur at home. While many of these injuries occur when an ambitious homeowner takes on home improvement projects without donning protective eyewear, there's a less obvious, but no less dangerous, threat to eye safety in the home: the cumulative effects of the sun's UV rays that enter through windows. Continue reading "Eye Safety In The Home: Protecting Against UV Rays"
What is 3M™ window film, and is it for me? 3M Window Film is your friend. 3M Window film, or 3M Window Tint is one of those incredible products that pay for itself over time. 3M Window Film is universally beneficial to any home or office because it significantly lowers energy use and utility bills. There are countless reasons to have window film installed in your home beyond saving money. We're here to discuss some of the benefits you can enjoy by installing 3M window film. Continue reading "3M™ Window Film Benefits"