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Man Cleaning Window in Bergen County, NJMost people don’t love washing all the windows in their home. Hiring a professional with years of experience in residential window cleaning can save you time and effort. At Window Genie of Northeast NJ, we are highly skilled in residential window cleaning in Bergen County, NJ. Our team of experienced residential window cleaners uses a strategic, efficient three-step window cleaning process to ensure each customer gets the same attention to detail. We also keep our residential window cleaning prices low by offering a Window Care program to repeat customers. To schedule an in-home consultation for residential window cleaning services or to find out the average cost of residential window cleaning in your area, call us today or contact us online.

Discover Our Three-Step Residential Window Cleaning Process

We use a highly effective three-step residential window cleaning process that guarantees your windows will be left clean and sparkling. Because we follow this process for every residential window cleaner job, we ensure that we maintain our highest level of quality. If you’re comparing residential window cleaning prices, check out our three-step window cleaning process and then give us a call:

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Step One – We use specialized residential window cleaning tools to remove even the toughest dirt, grime, bird poop, and other contaminants built up on your windows over the years. We have extreme attention to detail and will ensure your windows are fully clean.

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Step Two – We use a squeegee to remove the dirty water and remaining grime deep within the window’s pores.

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Step Three – Finally, we wipe down the windowsills, edges, and frame so no water, moisture, or dirt is left behind.

The Benefits of a Professional Residential Window Cleaner

The primary benefit of using a professional residential window cleaner is that you won’t have to wash your own windows! Our residential window cleaner team has years of experience and access to specialized tools and equipment and can guarantee your windows will be cleaned safely with no damage to your home. Rather than buying expensive residential window cleaning products and tools and risking your safety, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy clean windows! Here are some other benefits of hiring a professional for residential window cleaning services:

    • Protects your windows from cracks, breaks, and stains.
    • Improves your home’s curb appeal.
    • Enhances your home’s light flow and ambiance.
    • Maintains the energy efficiency of your windows.
    • Extends the lifespan of your windows.
    • Reduces mold and mildew growth and eliminates contaminants.
    • Makes it easier to detect window problems. 

Request an Estimate for Residential Window Cleaning Prices

If you’ve been Googling “how much does residential window cleaning cost,” you no longer have to wonder. You can contact us online or over the phone to request an estimate for residential window cleaning. We’ll send a member of our residential window cleaner team to your home to do an in-home estimate. We will evaluate the style, condition, and number of windows and find out how long it has been since they were last cleaned. You can ask any questions about our residential window cleaning services and let us know if you want exterior and interior window cleaning. We will then give you a quote for our residential window cleaning prices. If you accept the quote, we’ll schedule an appointment for you!

Enroll in Our Window Care Program

Window Genie Professional Window Cleaning in Bergen County, NJ

We know that for many of our customers, the average cost of residential window cleaning prevents them from scheduling an appointment. That’s why we offer our Window Care program. Our Window Care program can be customized to meet your specific needs, so the more you schedule services through our company, the more money you’ll save!




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Window Genie tech cleaning residential windowAre you interested in learning more about the average cost of residential window cleaning in Bergen County, NJ? Call us today at Window Genie of Northeast NJ. A member of our experienced residential window cleaner team can come to your home and do an initial consultation and evaluation. We’re committed to providing every customer with exceptional service, so we maintain high standards for ourselves and strive to do the best we can every day. To learn more about our residential window cleaning services in Bergen County, Passaic County, and Essex County, NJ, call us today or request a quote online.