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How We Count Windows

One Window

  •  Window Genie single hung window.

    Single Hung Windows

    Windows that have one (single) sash that slides up and down.

  •  double hung sliding window.

    Double Hung Windows

    Windows that have both (two) sashes that slide up and down.

  •  Window Genie plate window.

    Plate Windows

    A large, single pane of glass.

  •  Plate window.

    Plate Windows

    A large, fixed single pane of glass that is non-operable.

  •  Window Genie transom window.

    Transom Windows

    A window that is non-operable or fixed, often above or near a door or another window.

  •  Window Genie hexagon shaped plate window.


    A fixed window that is designed to be non-operable and consist of a glazed frame or a non-operating sash within a frame, cut in the form of a six or eight-sided polygon.

  •  Window Genie suspended grid window.

    Suspended Grids/False Grids

    The grid that "creates" the panes is suspended or between sheets of glass. You can't feel them with your hand.

  •  Window Genie removeable grid window.

    Removable Grids

    Window grids that can be added or taken from the window frame as desired. Usually attached on the room side of the glass.

  •  Sliding glass windows.

    Glider and Sliding Glass Windows

    Open by sliding horizontally along a track for ease-of-use.

  •  hopper window.

    Awning, Hopper, Projected Windows

    A window consisting of one or more sash hinged at the top or bottom which project outward or inward from the plane of the frame.

  •  casement window.

    Casement Windows

    A window consisting of one hinge to open from the side (adjacent to the jambs), which project outward or inward.

Two Windows

  •  Window Genie two single double hung windows.

    Two Single/Double Hung Windows

    Two of these windows placed side-by-side are counted as two.

  •  Window Genie single window with transom window.

    Single Windows With Transom

    A full-size window with a transom counts as two.

  •  Window Genie sliding glass doors.

    Sliding Glass Doors

    These large glass panels are counted as two windows.

  •  French doors.

    French Doors

    Doors with glass panes throughout its length, typically with one or two doors that swing open.

  •  Window Genie fixed grid window.

    Fixed/Non-Removable Grids

    Windows with non-removable obstructions making window look and feel like individual pieces of glass.

  •  casement window.

    Two Casement Windows

    Two window sashes hinged to open from the side (adjacent to the jambs), which project outward or inward.

Three Windows

  •  Window Genie 3 double hung windows.

    Three Double Hung Windows

    Three double hung windows grouped together are counted as three windows.

  •  bay window.

    Bay Windows

    window or series of windows forming a bay in a room and projecting outward from the wall (in this case 3 panes of glass).

  •  Window Genie storm windows.

    Storm Windows

    Additional windows installed outside of the primary windows for insulation.

Specialty Windows

  •  Window Genie garden window.

    Garden Windows

    Specialty window that protrudes from the house, may have shelves, angled glass for plants.

  •  Window Genie skylights.


    Specialty window that is installed in the roof for natural light.

  •  jalousie window.

    Jalousie Windows

    A series of glass slats set in a track. The slats are operable.

  •  glass block windows

    Glass Block Windows

    Thick blocks of glass, between 2 and 4 inches thick, that are inset into a window frame.

  •  stained glass windows.

    Stained or Leaded Windows

    Colored glass used for making decorative windows through which light passes.

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