Window Genie’s Expert Concrete Washing Services

Concrete-CleaningWith equipment specifically designed to quickly and evenly clean concrete and brick surfaces, Window Genie’s concrete cleaning service can make dramatic improvements to the appearance of your concrete driveway and concrete sidewalk. With our unique, lifetime concrete sealers which penetrate your existing concrete, you can protect it from damaging elements and form a barrier that keeps even oil from penetrating. Window Genie’s concrete cleaning service and concrete sealing is the answer to your dirty concrete needs.

The Benefits of Hiring An Expert Concrete Cleaning Company

Concrete should be washed at least once a year to help protect it from weathering. Other benefits of washing your concrete regularly include:

  • Increasing the lifespan of concrete by preventing deterioration
  • Removing stains and blemishes from the concrete
  • Enhancing your curb appeal
  • Reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents from dirt, grime, algae, and more

Our 4-Step Concrete Washing Process

  1. Preparing the area: We’ll remove any obstacles or debris from the concrete surface you plan to clean.
  2. Pressure washing the concrete: We’ll work systematically across the entire area, paying extra attention to stubborn stains or heavily soiled spots.
  3. Rinsing the area: Once we’ve cleaned the entire surface, we’ll rinse it down to view your results.
  4. Inspecting (and repeating): Our team will automatically inspect the concrete for any missed spots or areas that may require additional cleaning. If necessary, we’ll repeat the pressure washing process for those specific areas.

Why Choose Window Genie?

  • Every employee is pre-screened and wears a photo ID badge
  • All GENIEMOBILES are custom wrapped for easy identification
  • We are a fully insured nationally ranked brand
  • All work is backed by the “Neighborly Done Right Promise“
  • We offer multiple services to maintain your home year-round
  • Competitive rates; our services are more affordable than you think

How We Clean: The J. Racenstein Hammerhead

Window Genie uses the latest in concrete cleaning machinery. The Hammerhead by J. Racenstein is a top-of-the-line flat surface cleaner. We attach the Hammerhead to a 4000 psi pressure washer and it uses the water propulsion to drive itself. The Hammerhead does such a good job that in most cases, chemicals are not even needed to clean the surface. We use it on all flat surfaces with the exception of wood decks.

Decks, Driveways, Sidewalks, and More!

Concrete-Cleaning-Before-AfterConcrete cleaning by Window Genie uses equipment specifically designed to quickly and evenly clean concrete and brick surfaces. Make dramatic improvements to the appearance of your driveway and sidewalk.  Although fairly maintenance free, concrete driveways and concrete sidewalks still can become very dirty and discolored. They are also severely affected by salt and snow, acid rain, moisture and high temperatures.

We Clean Pavers Too!

Paver-Cleaning-DrivewayAt Window Genie we know pavers can be an expensive investment. That’s why we offer the same great service for paver cleaning! Pavers are highly susceptible to nature’s elements and without proper maintenance pavers can become stained and worn. We use the same great machinery to clean your pavers that we use to clean concrete. We use the Hammerhead J. Racenstein flat surface cleaner and a 4000 psi pressure washer to clean your pavers and make them look brand new.




Paver Cleaning & Sealing Services

Pavers are unique, beautiful and add value to your home. If properly maintained, your paver stones will last for generations. Regular cleaning and sealing is the key to extending the life and enhancing the beauty of pavers. Window Genie offers the very best in paver cleaning products and we carry Seal n’ Lock, America’s most trusted name in paver sealing. We specialize in cleaning and sealing concrete, travertine and old Chicago style pavers. We’re locally owned, fully insured and estimates are always free! Give your paver stones invisible protection that’s guaranteed to last… put the Genie to work and call us today!

Clean, Protect, & Restore Your Pavers

  •         Oil stains & rust spotting – seal your pavers with a penetrating sealer to prevent staining
  •         Fading from UV light & weathering – Sealing pavers offers UV protection from the sun’s rays
  •         Weeds & algae –Stop vegetation growth with our polymer sands
  •         Efflorescence – Porous materials are susceptible to these deposits when exposed to the air

With the Seal ‘n Lock system of sealing pavers, we are able to provide “same day service” with most of your paver sealing service requests.

Check out our locations to find the closest Window Genie to you, or call our team today for your free, no-obligation estimate and put the Genie to work on your pavers!