Window Cleaning ServicesToday’s commercial office buildings, storefronts and high-rises feature more glass than ever before. The problem is that while they are beautiful to look through and create stunning architectural designs, it comes with a cost. Windows are notorious energy wasters. While most newer buildings feature Low-E windows that are designed to help increase efficiency, they offer little or no solar protection. This means your business or office space will still suffer from the harmful effects of the sun such as fading, skin damage, heat build-up and annoying glare.

Window Genie offers commercial window film services designed to eliminate hot spots, cut glare, reduce fading and save energy! Check out our locations today or contact us for a quote.

Commercial Solar Window Films

Solar window films help control UV rays, reduce heat from the sun and prevent harsh brightness inside your commercial spaces. Durable and thin, solar window tints are perfectly transparent, meaning they won’t change your view. Keep your view and stay comfortable with commercial window tinting today!

How can commercial window tinting benefit your business? Well, it:

  • Cuts energy costs with heat reduction up to 82%
  • Cust energy costs with glare rejection of up to 89%
  • Creates a uniform look for your windows with 99% UV protection

Learn more below about each of these fantastic benefits that come with commercial window tinting.

Commercial Window Film Cuts Energy Costs


Energy efficiency is a top priority for many of today’s business owners and building managers. Commercial window film offers business owners and builder managers a simple way to cut overhead costs, many of which are overlooked. For example, cafes and restaurants that boast an ocean view or sun-drenched and relaxed atmosphere will find that window film allows for optimal window seating without the heat or glare issues customers would otherwise avoid. The same goes for any waiting room or gym; no one picks the seating area or treadmill near the window because the sun is in their eyes and the added heat makes working out and even waiting around unbearable! With Window Genie commercial window film, there’s no need to install solar shades or blinds to appease patrons anymore! Window film technology allows for heat and glare rejection of up to 79%. This saves business owners significantly on utility bills, allowing more room in the budget for other things. In an office setting, privacy window film is great for meeting rooms and decorative film can impress clients by adding a custom, upscale look to any building. Most importantly, business owners can feel secure knowing our security film is there to protect their inventory against smash and grab break-ins while also protecting against natural disasters.

Uniform Window Film and Window Tint Appearance

window_film_glareWith a variety of colors and styles available, interior decorators, property managers and business owners can quickly and effectively create a uniform exterior appearance that can complement any building’s design. From mirrored, reflective window films that give a high-tech look to more subtle bronze or neutral films, we have the window film that can give your office or building that “custom” look. If you are looking to update an older building by giving it a more contemporary, symmetrical look, Window Genie commercial window film is right for you.

Decorative-Office-Window-FilmWindow film is a retrofit application designed to be applied to the interior of the window. Once applied, the film is virtually undetectable and comes in many eye-pleasing colors and levels. Our films have a unique ability to invisibly control fading, glare and heat build-up. Once applied, the benefits begin immediately. All available films offer 99% UV protection, helping to slow the harmful fading effects of the sun. It also reduces the “white light” known as glare to a comfortable level, helping to significantly reduce employee eye strain, a common problem when working on a computer or generating paperwork. Due to its ability to reject up to 79% of incoming solar energy, a third and quickly noticed benefit is that it helps correct temperature imbalances within the office which exist between sunny and shaded areas.

Commercial Window Film has Looks that Last

Commercial-Window-Tinting-ServiceAll commercial window films come with a factory backed warranty to ensure that the film will stay where it is supposed to, on the glass! With a special scratch-resistant coating, the film will be able to resist the daily wear and tear from tenant activity and regular cleanings. Be confident that once the commercial window tint is installed, the sun’s rays will be controlled, your view remains perfect and you have selected a window film that will look great for years to come. If you have any questions about our window films, check out our FAQs for window tinting.

Window Genie’s Window Commercial Tinting Process

      1. Call us and get an appointment made with the nearest Window Genie.
      2. We install your commercial window tint easily and hassle-free.
      3. You love the look of your newly tinted windows, backed with the Neighborly Done Right Promise™.

Commercial Window Tinting FAQs

Is window tint installed on the inside or outside of the building?

 Most window films are installed on the interior of the building.

Are there different styles of commercial window tint available?

Window films are typically one of three types: metallic, ceramic, or high VLT (visible light transmittance). High VLT films are made with precious metals and are the hardest to detect and provide the clearest view. Metallic films are made with semi-precious metals and do a fantastic job blocking heat and reducing glare. Ceramic films are optically clear and do a good job blocking heat and glare. In addition, Window Genie also installs decorative films.

How long does commercial window tint last?

Some commercial window tints can last up to twenty years. This depends on multiple factors like wear-and-tear, weather, and climate.