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Concrete Cleaning Services in Morris & Sussex, NJ

Expert Cleaning Solutions for Your Concrete

Over time, exposure to outdoor elements and regular use can lead to the accumulation of dirt and grime on your concrete surfaces, giving them a dingy appearance. Fortunately, Window Genie of Northwest NJ offers expert concrete cleaning solutions to restore the look of your concrete and brick surfaces quickly and evenly. Our professional technicians specialize in concrete cleaning and provide services to properties in Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon, Sussex, and Warren Counties in NJ. With regular concrete cleaning, you can improve the appearance and longevity of your driveway, sidewalk, deck, or patio. Even though these surfaces are relatively maintenance-free, they can quickly become dirty due to weather, vehicle traffic, and foot traffic, along with harmful elements such as acid rain, moisture, salt, snow, and high temperatures. Learn more about our concrete cleaning services and get in touch with us today to request a quote.

Concrete Cleaning Services in Morris & Sussex, NJ

Expert Cleaning Solutions for Your Concrete

A home with a large pressure-washed concrete driveway.

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  • At Window Genie of Northwest NJ, we are experienced professionals in surface cleaning, washing, and sealing, who use the latest industry training, equipment, and techniques to ensure the best possible results. Our concrete cleaning services use state-of-the-art equipment designed to clean concrete and brick surfaces quickly and evenly. By removing stains and sediment buildup, we can restore the appearance of your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or paver patio. To protect your concrete from further damage, we also provide lifetime concrete sealing, which creates a barrier against harmful elements, including oil. With our services, your concrete will remain in top condition and last longer. Trust us to turn your dirty, dingy concrete into clean, spotless surfaces that will impress your neighbors. Our team of expert concrete floor cleaners offers a variety of services, including pressure washer concrete cleaners, cleaning concrete floors, cleaning concrete patios, cleaning oil stains from concrete, and more.

  • Our professional concrete cleaners believe that you deserve the best concrete cleaning service. That’s why we use the industry’s most advanced equipment and cleaners to achieve the best possible results. One of our trusted tools is a 24-inch flat surface cleaner, a cutting-edge flat surface cleaner that our technicians use to perform this service. By attaching this machinery to a 4000-psi pressure washer, it uses water propulsion to drive itself, effectively cleaning concrete surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. Our experts can use this state-of-the-art equipment on any flat surface, excluding wood decks. Trust us to leave your concrete surfaces looking spotless and refreshed. We are happy to answer your questions and provide a quote for your concrete cleaning and sealing services costs. Our team uses the best equipment in the industry, including concrete cleaning machines and concrete driveway cleaners.

Window Genie service professional using a professional-grade pressure washer to clean a stone patio.

Paver Cleaning and Sealing Services to Preserve Your Home’s Beauty

Window Genie of Northwest NJ recognizes the importance of maintaining your home’s outdoor surfaces. Our technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to ensure your pavers look like new. Pavers are susceptible to outdoor elements that can cause stains, wear, and other forms of damage. Regular paver cleaning and sealing can extend the life of your pavers, add value to your home, and keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Our locally owned and fully insured company offers free estimates, and we are committed to providing quality workmanship that exceeds your expectations. Don’t let dirty pavers detract from the beauty of your home. Trust Window Genie of Northwest NJ to keep your pavers looking like new. Our cleaning process includes the use of TRIDENT Sealers and Cleaners, the most trusted paver sealer and cleaners in the country. We specialize in cleaning, and re-sanding using polymeric sand and sealing, concrete pavers, travertine pavers, and natural stone. Our team can also help resolve common paver issues, including the following:

  • Weed and algae growth
  • Rust spotting
  • Oil stains
  • Efflorescence
  • Fading caused by weathering and UV light
Paver Cleaning and Sealing Services to Preserve Your Home’s Beauty
A stainless steel pressure washer surface cleaner being used on a sidewalk, with a bush and lawn in the background.
  • Protect your investment and enhance your home’s curb appeal with professional cleaning and sealing services from Window Genie of Northwest NJ. Our expert technicians are trained to clean and restore all types of concrete and paver surfaces. From driveways and sidewalks to patios and pool decks, we use top-of-the-line equipment and effective cleaning solutions to eliminate dirt, grime, and stains. We also offer regular maintenance plans to keep your surfaces looking their best and to extend their longevity. All our work is backed by our Neighborly Done Right Promise. Contact us today to receive a competitive quote and schedule a cleaning and sealing service for your home in Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon, Sussex, and Warren Counties in NJ. Ask about our Pre-Pay and Save program that offers 0% interest and equal monthly payments for qualified customers.

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