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Transformative Commercial Window Tinting in Toms River, NJ

Window Genie of Toms River Is Your Local Reliable Pro

Windows are used as an architectural focal point for many office buildings, storefronts, restaurants, and high-rises throughout the area. It’s designed to highlight stunning views while providing passersby a glimpse into the business to drive customer traffic. However, windows can lead to numerous energy-efficiency and comfort issues inside the building. Window Genie of Toms River provides commercial window tinting for businesses throughout Toms River, Lakewood, and Brick, NJ. As the community’s leading commercial window company, we offer high-quality window tinting services to ensure your employees and customers are comfortable while providing energy efficiency. Learn more about our window tinting services when you contact us for a project estimate.

Transformative Commercial Window Tinting in Toms River, NJ

Window Genie of Toms River Is Your Local Reliable Pro

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  • As a business owner, you are responsible for every aspect of your business, from employee and customer comfort to the energy efficiency of your building. If your property has a large window façade, it may affect both. For example, restaurant patrons may find sitting near the window during certain hours of the day uncomfortable due to glare and heat, or as an office worker, you may have the same issue. Window Genie of Toms River has the solution. Our commercial window tint film offers business owners numerous benefits, including the following:

    • Energy-Efficiency – Older buildings often come with aging windows that require your HVAC system to work harder. As a business owner, you have the option to replace the windows with new Low-E technology or install a window tint. Our commercial window film filters up to 79% of heat and glare, which will help you save on your energy costs. Even newer windows can benefit from our window tinting services.
    • UV Protection – UV rays harm customers, employees, and furniture. They can cause your flooring, desks, and other expensive office furniture to fade. Our large selection of commercial window tint films offer 99% UV protection to protect against these issues and save you money.
    • Variety of Styles – Our window films are retrofit and can be applied to the interior of nearly any size window in your building. We offer a wide selection of styles and colors, some selections are even nearly undetectable. We’re confident you can find one that matches your business’s aesthetics, and our technicians will help you choose the right fit.
    • Comfort – Temperatures near a large window that receive a lot of sunlight may be hotter than other areas of your office. Once applied, our window tints will help quickly normalize the room temperature for the comfort of your employees or customers.
    • Scratch-Resistant – Installed by local professionals and backed by a factory warranty, you can feel confident your window film will provide long-lasting protection. This scratch-resistant feature means your films will withstand daily wear and tear.
    • Improved Building Aesthetics – Create a striking and unique visual for your business with our decorative window films. Impress clients and customers with high-quality designs installed by industry experts at Window Genie.

How Much Does Commercial Window Tinting Cost?

The cost of your window tinting service depends on a few factors, including the type of window tint and the total square footage of coverage required. When you meet with our window tinting experts, we’ll assess your needs and discuss available options. We’ll provide you with an accurate estimate for services. Once we’ve found the right selection for your business, we’ll get to work immediately to install your new commercial window tint. All our work is backed by our Neighborly Done Right Promise™, so you can feel confident you’ll receive a high-quality product the first time.

Choose the Local Professional for Commercial Window Tinting

As the leader for commercial window tinting services in Toms River, NJ, you can always count on our expertly-trained, knowledgeable team at Window Genie. With over 20 years in the industry, we have assisted numerous businesses throughout the community in improving their company’s look, comfort, and energy efficiency with commercial window tinting services. Our window tint benefits multiple business industries, including healthcare, fitness centers, retail locations, restaurants, office buildings, and more. Speak to an expert today and schedule your service estimate.

  • Corner of the outside of a commercial building on a cloudy day.

    Solar Control Window Film

    Window Genie's solar control window film services are an ideal solution for managing the sun's heat and glare, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency for your business. Our films reduce the amount of solar heat coming through window glass to maintain consistent temperatures and lower cooling costs. Additionally, they minimize the harmful effects of UV rays, protecting your furniture from fading.

  • Shattered glass.

    Security Window Film

    Window Genie's security window films enhance the safety and security of your business. Not only do they help in holding the glass together in case of breakage, but they also provide increased privacy and can reduce harmful UV rays. Our service professionals ensure that films are applied seamlessly, offering a clear view without compromising on security.

  • Decorative window film.

    Decorative Window Film

    Our decorative window film applications offer aesthetic appeal with a variety of designs and patterns, provide privacy, and reduce glare without sacrificing natural light. Ideal for commercial spaces, Window Genie's decorative films are a smart way to update the look of your windows while also offering UV protection to reduce fading of your interior furnishings.

  • Person removing window film.

    Film Removal

    Window Genie's professional window film removal services ensure a seamless and damage-free process, whether you're updating your business's aesthetics, removing outdated tinting, or preparing for new window treatments. Our service professionals use the latest techniques and tools to carefully remove existing films, maintaining the integrity of your windows and preparing them for new films.

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