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Concrete Sealing Austin

Protect your Driveway and Sidewalks

Concrete surfaces require protection from the elements to maintain their appearance and durability. At Window Genie of W Austin San Marcos and Dripping Springs, we specialize in concrete sealing, utilizing advanced equipment designed to quickly and uniformly seal various concrete surfaces. Despite their inherent durability, concrete driveways and sidewalks can accumulate dirt, discoloration, and damage from salt, snow, acid rain, moisture, and high temperatures. Our professional concrete sealing service can revitalize the look of your concrete while providing long-lasting protection.

Concrete Sealing Austin

Protect your Driveway and Sidewalks

Sealed concrete with drops of water resting on surface.

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  • Concrete Sealing is a proactive measure that prevents driveway and sidewalk damage caused by environmental factors. Our exclusive Chem-Tec One “preservative and densifier” acts like a liquid reinforcement for your existing concrete. This penetrates deep into the substrate, initiating a chemical reaction that forms a gel to fill and harden the concrete’s pores. Over about 30 days, this process expels contaminants like oil and salt. Unlike store-bought silicone-based sealers, our Chem-Tec One is a permanent solution, offering exceptional effectiveness and long-term cost savings.

  • Our Concrete Sealing services are ideal for various applications:

    • Driveways & Sidewalks
    • Stairs & Landings
    • Containment Tanks
    • Poolside Protection
    • Loading Ramps/Docks
    • Parking Lots
  • Pavers are a low-maintenance choice for various outdoor areas, but they can lose their luster due to factors like erosion, weeds, pests, fading, mold, and weather stains. Our paver sealing services offer protection against these threats. Window Genie uses cutting-edge compounds to seal pavers, offering options such as:

    • Natural Luster: A natural look enhancement
    • Super Wet: A glossy, wet appearance
    • EffloRemover: Removes efflorescence
Home with freshly sealed concrete driveway.

Choose Window Genie for Quality Sealing Solutions

Don’t risk your property with subpar sealers and hazardous chemicals. Window Genie offers a range of sealing solutions for pavers, decks, and concrete. Our experienced professionals are ready to provide a free estimate, helping you choose the best option to protect and enhance your surfaces.

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Choose Window Genie for Quality Sealing Solutions
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