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Safety and Security Window Film in and around Forney, TX

Boost the Security & Style of Your Windows

Security film is an excellent way to feel protected in your home or office. Window Genie of Forney, Rockwall, and Rowlett offers a wide selection of safety and security films for windows in Forney, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our service professionals will find the perfect type of safety and security film for your home or business. Security film helps protect your windows from flying sports balls, inclement weather, break-ins, and more. It works by creating a layer of protection that strengthens the glass and is almost impossible to penetrate. The glass shards are bonded together in the rare case the safety film breaks. Contact us today to get an estimate on our safety and security film for windows.

Safety and Security Window Film in and around Forney, TX

Boost the Security & Style of Your Windows

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  • Most glass windows are weak and can easily be broken. They can be broken with minimal force and allow easy entry into your business or home. Safety and security films boost the strength of regular glass. They are an excellent addition to homes or offices for minimizing ultraviolet rays and withstanding damage.

  • We offer our safety and security window film in multiple thicknesses. Our service professionals will assess your home or business windows to determine the best safety and security film for your needs. We have safety and security film options that range from a 2mm thick film to a 15mm thick film. We recommend a 2mm thick film to help protect against minor issues, and a 15mm thick film to offer optimal protection. We offer clear and neutral tint safety films that all block up to 99% of harmful UV rays and will block excessive glare. All security and safety film options have a scratch-resistant coating and are backed with a factor warranty.

  • Security and safety window glass film works hard to protect your windows. Some of the many benefits of safety and security window film include the following:

    • Safety and security film helps protect against break-ins, making it more difficult to break the glass.
    • The unique construction ensures that the film keeps the glass shards together if the glass breaks.
    • You can enjoy an increased amount of privacy with different tint levels.
    • Many of our security film options help regulate the temperature in your home or office with their heat-reduction properties.
    • We understand no product can stop fading, but our security film can block 99% of UV rays that fade your furniture.
    • Security film is quick and easy to install on your windows.
    • We use a glueless adhesive that makes cleaning as easy as possible.
  • Since we use a glueless adhesive system, your window film will not obstruct the view. The unique adhesive enhances your view instead of negatively impacting it. Many of our security film options are almost invisible and make it almost impossible to determine if security film is installed on the windows.

  • We also offer decorative window film applications that boost the look of your windows and enhance your privacy. Our multiple styles of decorative window film applications include frosted window films, simulated glass window films, and more. They offer the perfect way to enhance window protection with style.

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Trust Window Genie of Forney, Rockwall and Rowlett

Window Genie of Forney, Rockwall, and Rowlett offers comprehensive window services to Forney, Rockwall, Rowlett, and surrounding communities. We proudly provide security window films that have a lifetime warranty on residential window film installations and a 10-year warranty on commercial window film installations. You’re fully protected against peeling, cracking, delamination, or peeling. Our service professionals will help determine the best security film that meets your needs. We always offer estimates on our products and services.

Trust Window Genie of Forney, Rockwall and Rowlett
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  • Safety and security film is excellent for beefed-up security and protecting your glass. We can service any size of job in your area. We have years of experience and knowledge about safety and security window film options Our service professionals won’t ever charge overtime and always provide upfront costs. Contact us today to request a quote and schedule services for our safety and security film for windows.

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