Roof Washign SetupWhether you have asphalt, tile or wood roofing, Window Genie’s roof washing service can safely and effectively improve the appearance of the exterior of your home, office, condo or apartment building.

You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone; we’re talking about your dirty roof. Many homeowners either don’t notice just how dirty their roof is, or put off doing something about it til it’s too late. This out of sight, out of mind chore is too often overlooked, and it comes with a price. The penetration of mold, dirt, water, sap or droppings overtime will take it’s toll, causing irreversible damage that can affect other parts of the home. Roof washing is a crucial part of a proper home maintenance routine. Not only will the contrast of seeing a freshly cleaned roof amaze you, but you can rest easy knowing your shingles will live a full life.

How does roof washing boost curb appeal?

roof washing beforeCurb appeal is a point of pride for homeowners whether it’s to impress the neighbors or potential buyers. Maintaining the look and value of your home is essential to many aspects of the selling process; from making a great first impression on potential buyers, to avoiding issues with the inspector. The condition of your home’s exterior is under a microscope during an open house. A dingy, dirty, cracked, moldy home will NOT sell. If you neglect to present your home in its best condition, you’ll never receive an offer near your asking price. A dirty roof could be mistaken for an old, leaky, damaged roof; this raises a red flag to potential buyers before they even enter your home. A simple roof washing by your local Window Genie will make a world of difference in boosting curb appeal.

What about extending the life of your shingles?

While curb appeal is great, looks aren’t everything. To keep your roof in good working condition, it requires maintenance. When a manufacturer gives an approximate lifespan on roof shingles, this is estimated with the assumption you’ll take care of your roof properly. Window Genie cannot make a 30 year roof shingle last 35 years, but we’ll help prevent the wear and tear that destroys your shingles before their 30th birthday. Asphalt or fiberglass shingles are the most common and have been made with limestone as a filler (in the asphalt). These shingles hold moisture and organic ”food for algae” material longer than the older paper/asphalt/ceramic shingles of 20 plus years ago. Additionally, these particular algae LOVE to feed on the limestone as a food source. Once the algae have become noticeable, the stains will continually get worse from year to year. Roof stain removal is completely possible and affordable. Window Genie can clean your shingle roof without causing any damage and will bring back the luster of your home’s exterior.

So, WHY choose a professional?

Roof Washing DuringThink about it: there are few household chores more dangerous than roof washing. Even if you had the ability and desire to do it, it requires heavy, expensive equipment that most homeowners don’t have access to. Window Genie’s professional field technicians are fully equipped, trained, insured and bonded. Leave the dirty work to us, pick up the phone and call today!