Serving Commercial Clients With Window Tint Services

Staff and visitors should come to a safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing place of business to be productive and enjoy their time in an indoor space. Furthermore, business owners and managers want their properties to deliver the most they can, including keeping their indoor temperatures as affordable as possible. Luckily, Window Genie of South Chicago Suburbs helps clients with comprehensive home and business improvement and cleaning services, including outstanding commercial window tinting. All types of business across Orland Park, Frankfort, Mokena, Tinley Park, Palos Heights, and Palos Park, IL can take advantage of applying commercial window tint film to the windows on their buildings. Enhancing your windows with a commercial window tint can make your structure more energy-efficient, less vulnerable to skin and furniture damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays, and safeguarded against storms, vandalism, storms, and passing strangers’ prying eyes. Our team’s impressive training and years of experience installing window tinting at homes and businesses ensures excellent results and a positive customer experience.

Solar Window Films to Improve Your Indoor Spaces

Window Cleaning ServicesAll types of today’s commercial buildings have more glass than those constructed in years past, such as high-rises, storefronts, and office buildings. These gleaming, contemporary designs may look sleek and beautiful, but all the glass covering the exterior comes with a high price surpassing their initial build. Structures featuring numerous large windows are known to waste substantial energy. Many modern commercial structures achieve better energy efficiency by featuring Low-E windows, but these special panes offer no or very little protection against solar rays. If you have windows like these on your business structure, you probably endure the harmful effects of UV rays, including skin damage, fading furniture, heat buildup, and glare. Window Genie of South Chicago Suburbs can help you protect the people and furniture in your building by installing commercial solar window film. Industry manufacturers design this innovative film to save energy, eliminate hot spots, reduce fading, and cut glare. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can show and explain our wide window film selection and improve your business by scheduling an installation.

Lower Your Energy Expenses With Commercial Window Tint

Many businesses consider energy efficiency vital and invest in a cost-effective solution fitting their needs and budgets. Window Genie of South Chicago Suburbs covers this priority with commercial window film, giving all businesses excellent window clarity while dropping their monthly energy bills and reducing glare, heat buildup, and fading. Businesses like restaurants and fitness centers already deal with bright sunlight and brutal heat, making customers hesitant to sit or work out by their buildings’ windows. Our solution to these issues doesn’t involve installing solar blinds or shades that obstruct your outdoor scenery. You get up to 79% of heat and glare rejection with today’s window film technology, so staff and customers enjoy more comfortable indoor spaces while your utility bills drop substantially. Furthermore, as a business owner or manager, you can rest easy knowing your windows’ security film prevents break-ins and protects your indoor spaces against natural disasters.

Installing Window Tint & Film With Exceptional Appearance

Decorative-Office-Window-FilmA wide assortment of window tint or film styles and colors are available for business owners, property managers, and interior decorators to integrate into their structures. This product’s versatile applications ensure professionals can give a building a uniform appearance that complements its design by investing in a quick, long-lasting application. Window Genie of South Chicago Suburbs can match a tint or film type to your building, aesthetic goals, and priorities. We have all you need, from films in neutral or subtle bronze to high-tech appearance and mirrored reflective tints. These choices mean business managers and owners can customize their buildings’ look while updating older buildings or putting the last aesthetic touches on their brand-new commercial buildings. Our highly trained technicians use their expertise to guide you through our wide selection, so you can find one perfect for your commercial windows.

What Is Window Film & How Does It Benefit Me?

Commercial-Window-Tinting-ServiceWindow film is a cost-effective retrofit application for your windows. Film manufacturers design this product to apply to a window’s interior side. After application, this film is almost undetectable, and our clients have a wide array of colors and levels and colors to choose from for their jobs. Window Genie of South Chicago Suburbs’ selection of commercial window tints and films has a unique ability to reduce and control fading, glare, and heat buildup with a nearly invisible installation. These immediate benefits involve up to 99% ultraviolet (UV) protection, continuously slowing these harmful rays’ fading effects. Other benefits include glare or white light reduction and up to 79% incoming solar energy rejection. Finally, you can correct your interior spaces’ temperature imbalances better between shaded and sunny areas with commercial window tinting.

Contact Window Genie of South Chicago Suburbs

Window Genie tech going to do commercial window tintingWindow Genie of South Chicago Suburbs gladly applies commercial window tint at buildings across Orland Park, IL, and surrounding to provide all the benefits mentioned earlier. We pair all our commercial window films with a factory-backed warranty to ensure your window film stays on the glass after we apply it. Our film’s scratch-resistant coating resists wear and tear caused by routine cleanings and customer or staff activities. You can be confident your new window tinting will control solar rays and provide a picturesque outdoor view. Window tinting also looks stunning and lasts for years to come. Get in touch with us today for more information about our commercial window tint applications for local businesses. You can start the process by requesting an estimate.