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Security Window Film Installations in Orland Park & SW Chicago, IL

Boost the Safety of Your Windows With Security Film

Security film for windows is one of the best ways to boost the safety of your windows. Window Genie of South Chicago Suburbs provides safety and security film window installation services in Orland Park. Our team has a vast selection of security and safety films for residential and commercial windows. Our window films provide an additional layer of protection against inclement weather, break-ins, flying sports balls, and more. If the pressure is enough to break a window with security film, the glass safely shatters by bonding the shards of glass. Our service professionals can install 3m safety and security window film on any window. Contact us today to learn more about our security and safety window glass film.

Security Window Film Installations in Orland Park & SW Chicago, IL

Boost the Safety of Your Windows With Security Film

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  • We understand many people worry about their view of safety and security film. The good news is that we use a glueless adhesive that ensures a clear window view. The security film is typically so transparent that most customers cannot tell there is any film on the windows.

  • 3M safety and security window film is one of the best safety films in the market. The innovative window film blocks 99% of harmful UV rays to boost your home or office’s privacy and energy efficiency. 3M safety and security window film resists fading, holds broken glass in place, and improves the overall appearance of your windows without impacting your view.

  • The lifespan of your safety and security window film depends on the exterior factors, including direct sunlight and inclement weather. When installed correctly, safety and security film can last for decades. Our commercial installation services come with a 10-year warranty, while our residential installation services have a lifetime warranty.

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We Offer 2mm to 15mm Window Film Protection

Window Genie of South Chicago Suburbs offers safety and security film options from a 2mm thick film to a 15 mm thick film. The 2mm thick film is designed to protect against minor issues, while the 15 mm thick film is designed to offer optimal protection for windows. We offer our security film in clear and neutral film. All sizes of our security window films block up to 99% of UV rays, lower glare and heat in your home or office, and have a scratch-resistant coating. We back our safety and security films with a factory warranty.

Safety & Security Film Benefits

Safety and security film is an easy way to help lower the risk of unsafe broken windows in your home or office. Some of the most significant benefits of professional safety and security window film installation include the following:

  • We offer multiple types of security film options that reduce heat in your home or office to regulate temperature.
  • Safety and security film helps lower the risk of glass injuries by keeping the glass shards in one place.
  • Security film makes it extremely difficult for vandals to break the glass during a robbery.
  • We offer various levels of safety and security film tints for customized privacy options.
  • We can quickly replace or install your security film.
  • Our team uses a glueless adhesive for easy window cleaning.
We Offer 2mm to 15mm Window Film Protection
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