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Decorative window filmAs your local leader in home window film and tinting products and services, Window Genie of Frederick specializes in decorative window films designed to add a luxurious touch of elegance and privacy to your home. With our versatile selection of the nation’s highest-quality cosmetic window film products, we provide a wide variety of patterns and styles that cater to your unique needs and style preferences. Learn more about decorative window film from Window Genie today.

Benefits of Decorative Window Film

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to add a new dimension of style, privacy, and one-of-a-kind beauty to your home or office, Window Genie of Frederick offers decorative window film – the stylish and affordable solution! Simulated glass window film decorations are an exceptional alternative to stained and etched glass at a fraction of the cost, but the decorative film goes well beyond the budget-friendly benefits. Invest in cosmetic window film and enjoy:

  • Extra Layer of Privacy – Decorative film obscures the view from outside while still allowing natural light to enter your home or workspace. This can be especially useful for bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other area you want more privacy.
  • Easy Installation & Removal – Although highly durable and resilient, decorative window film is easy to install and remove, making updates and modifications simple without the mess or damaging your windows and allowing you to enjoy all the benefits in no time.
  • Elevated Interior Design – Decorative window film comes in a versatile and dynamic palette of options that can dramatically transform the mood and visual aesthetic of any interior space.
  • Obscure Unsightly Views – If you have an unpleasant view outside your window, cosmetic window film obscures the unsightly scene easily without forfeiting precious natural light.
  • Soften Harsh Light – Bright, harsh sunlight can harm your vision, furniture, flooring, and valuable art. Our decorative window films diffuse the sun’s sharp and persistent rays to protect your interior property and enhance your overall comfort.
  • Resembles Specialty Glass – Decorative film has the impressive ability to resemble the look of specialized glass! Gain all the luxurious, visually pleasing benefits of etched or stained glass and spend far less.

Explore Our Selection of Decorative Window Films

Window Genie proudly offers an extensive selection of decorative window film styles to choose from. Explore our vast product selection, which includes:

Synthetic Glass FilmSimGlas Series Available in semi to complete privacy, these simulated glass window film decorations are perfect for both the home & office. The SimGlas series was designed to retain the natural look of your glass with a variety of crystal-clear distortion patterns for distraction and privacy. Our most common application for this film is in conference rooms, restroom windows, and doors.
Rice Paper Window Cleaning DesignsRice Paper Designs Rice paper decorative window film features a delicate, textured appearance that adds an organic and natural feel to windows. Also referred to as “bathroom film,” this style leaves an embossed, transparent look, distorting direct visibility without sacrificing natural light transmission.
window film decorationFrosted Window Films Frosted decorative window film is an exceptionally economical alternative to traditional etched glass made in a variety of patterns, shades, thicknesses, and custom designs to create an elegantly refined style.
stained glass window filmPatterned Films Select from so many designs, shades, and patterns, including geometric styles, floral designs, and abstractly-patterned decorative films that will add a vibrant pop of color and visual interest, as well as enhanced safety and security, to your home or office space.

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Window Genie of Frederick is committed to providing the best quality decorative window film products and services to the great communities throughout Frederick County, MD, including Mount Airy, New Market, Middletown, Clarksburg, and the surrounding local region. As trained, insured, and bonded window service professionals, we have the knowledge and industry-leading expertise to elevate the style and value of your living space with ease and affordability. We’ll care for your home and property as our own! With over two decades of experience, Window Genie continues leading the charge in residential services that keep Frederick-area homes beautiful and in top condition all year.

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Window Genie tech discussing decorative window film with customer If you’re interested in decorative window film for your home or office, get in touch with us today! Our decorative film products are perfect for windows, doors, and many other special applications. Whether implemented into conference room doors and windows, used to enhance glass display booths, or applied to create a unique and stylish accent piece for your home, our certified team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way.

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