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Eventually, all roofs become dirty, dingy, and covered in debris. Your roof is more likely to get dirty if you live in an area that has frequent or heavy storms or high winds. At Window Genie of Naples, we offer professional roof soft washing across Naples, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island, FL. Our roof washing service can clear off years of built-up dirt, mold, algae, grime, leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris.


Understand the Purpose of Residential Roof Washing

Organic matter, biological growth, pools of water, and pest and animal infestations can contribute to your risk of roof rot, leaks, water damage, health problems, safety issues, structural damage, cracks, and a sagging roof. Roof washing services can act as preventive roof maintenance that extends the lifespan of your roof and lowers the chance of damage.

We also offer routine maintenance cleanings every 6 months with our eco-friendly bio-wash treatment. This can penetrate deep within the surface of your roof without the use of corrosive and harmful chemicals.

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Know the Signs You Need Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

As soon as you notice signs of debris buildup on your roof, you should contact us to request roof washing service in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island, FL. Our soft-wash roof cleaning will carefully remove debris without risking damage to your roof, soffits, fascia, gutters, or siding. Take a look at these warning signs that you need residential roof washing, and then give us a call to avoid roofing issues:

  • Mold, moss, mildew, lichen, or algae growth
  • Pest or animal nests or infestations
  • Animal droppings
  • Black streaks across your roof and/or down your siding
  • Discoloration of your roof and/or siding
  • Leaves, twigs, branches, or other organic matter has built up on your roof and/or gutters
  • You see soot, grime, or other visible dirt
  • Your roof has been affected by a big storm, high winds, or a natural disaster
  • You want to keep up with seasonal roof maintenance
  • You’re getting your home ready to sell or lease
  • Your roof needs repairs or renovations

Review the Benefits of Residential Roof Washing

roof washing before

Investing in seasonal or regular roof washing services offers many benefits, we recommend treating your roof every 6 months. We have a bio-wash maintenance program that will keep your roof looking clean year-round. Being proactive about roof washing means you’ll prevent future problems and get early warning of existing problems that might get bigger with time. This will save you money in the long term. If you’re on the fence about whether the cost of roof washing is worth it, check out these benefits:



  • Remove and prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, and algae that can cause health problems and structural damage
  • Avoid injury or health problems
  • Prevent leaks, water damage, cracks, and structural damage
  • Prevent animals and pests from nesting
  • Get early warning of existing damage
  • Restore the color and appearance of the roof
  • Prepare for roof repairs and renovations
  • Improve appearance and maintain curb appeal
  • Increase resale value of home
  • Maintain warranty on shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials
  • Maintain compliance with HOA, local building codes, and homeowner’s insurance terms 

Explore Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process

Most people have never heard of soft washing a roof, and don’t have any idea how it is done. Soft wash roof cleaning ensures all debris is removed from a roof without risking damage to the roof or the home due to extreme amounts of pressure being used. Here’s an overview of our soft wash roof cleaning process:

  • Initial consultation and estimate – Before we can schedule roof washing services, we will need to discuss your roof to give a proper quote. We’ll need to know the material if your roof is shingle, tile, or metal. We will also need to know if your home has gutters and if they are partially or fully installed around the home. Then we’ll use our online measuring program to get the square footage of your roof. We will probably ask you about the history of roof washing, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, and we may also ask about your plans for your home. From there, we can give you an estimate for the cost of residential roof washing.
  • Protect landscaping – On the day of your scheduled roof washing, we will take care to protect plants, trees, and surrounding landscaping by constantly watering before, during, and after the application of the roof cleaning solution. If there are specific items that need to be covered, we request it is done prior to our arrival or ask our technicians upon arrival.
  • Section off roof – Next, we will section off your roof. This makes it easier for us to visualize the roof-washing process and make sure we get each area.
  • Prepare and load roof washing solution – Then, we’ll prepare the roof washing solution and prep the equipment. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the equipment and our process. Depending on the condition of your roof and what debris and contaminants are present, we might include chlorine, surfactant, and mold and mildew control chemicals.
  • Strategically apply solution – Next, we’ll strategically apply the solution to your roof using our soft wash application system and make sure all areas of the roof have been treated.
  • Inspection – Then, we clean up after ourselves and finish watering the landscaping. We inspect our work carefully and are happy to do a walkthrough with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied.
  • Care and maintenance – Finally, we’ll discuss roof care and maintenance and schedule any necessary follow-up appointments. We recommend that roof soft washing services be completed every three to five years. For a clean-looking roof year-round, ask about a semiannual bio-wash maintenance program

Call to Request Roof Washing Services in Naples, FL

Window Genie Tech discussing roof washing with customerIf you’re ready to request roof washing services in Naples, FL, and the surrounding, call us today at Window Genie of Naples. We can then discuss your options for residential roof washing and provide an estimate for the cost of soft-wash roof cleaning. To learn more or request a quote for the cost of roof washing across Naples, Bonita Springs, or Marco Island, FL, contact us today.