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Concrete Cleaning Services Mason, OH

Window Genie of NE Cincinnati Offers Concrete Cleaning in Ohio

Window Genie of NE Cincinnati provides concrete cleaner services to residents in Ohio. We are in the business of offering a satisfactory experience when you need it most for your property. Our experts are fully trained to pressure wash your surfaces with optimal care so you can enjoy a fresh-looking driveway, sidewalk, or patio. Whether you’re in Mason, Loveland, or Maineville, OH, we can reach as many of you as possible around the area with our flexible accessibility. We have carried a positive reputation for years by offering customer-focused services when you need them most. Contact us today for your estimate or appointment.

Concrete Cleaning Services Mason, OH

Window Genie of NE Cincinnati Offers Concrete Cleaning in Ohio

A home with a large pressure-washed concrete driveway.

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  • Our concrete cleaning services use professional-grade equipment to quickly and efficiently clean concrete and brick surfaces. We are dedicated to providing results to your property with optimal improvements that will last. For the most part, concrete driveways and sidewalks require little maintenance. However, they can become significantly dirty, stained, and discolored over time when salt, snow, and rain affect them. When you call on us for service, we use pressure washer concrete cleaners to provide a satisfactory experience.

  • We can dramatically enhance the appearance of your concrete surfaces with our equipment that evenly cleans every aspect of your sidewalks, driveways, and more. If you are looking for ways to prevent damage to your property, we can apply lifetime sealants after we perform the cleaning. Natural occurrences, oils, and other elements can penetrate concrete and cause unwanted results. With our help, you can have protection over such situations! We provide competitive concrete cleaning and sealing services to ensure you stay within your budget with our company incentives.

  • Window Genie of NE Cincinnati uses the most up-to-date concrete cleaning machinery to provide optimal results for your service. We have found The Hammerhead by J. Racenstein to be one of the best tools to complete our job well over the years. It is a flat surface cleaner attached to a 4000 psi pressure washer, using the horsepower of the water to drive itself. Most of the time, this machine works without the help of chemicals to create spotless surfaces. We use it for most scenarios except wood decks.

Window Genie service professional using a professional-grade pressure washer to clean a stone patio.

How Do We Clean & Seal Pavers?

Pavers are the perfect way to add a little flare to your home and property. If they are properly cared for, these stones will last for years. One of the key ways to maintain the lifespan and enhance the quality of these unique assets is to have them cleaned and sealed regularly. We specialize in using Seal n’ Lock, America’s most trusted brand in paver sealing. Our professionals use this product on concrete, travertine, and old Chicago-style pavers. If your place needs a little freshening with concrete floor cleaner, we are here to help improve the appearance of your place. Here are some of the benefits of choosing paver sealer services:

  • Sealing pavers prevent oil stains and rust spots.
  • Paver sealants offer UV protection from the sun’s rays to prevent fading and weathering.
  • Our polymer sands help to stop weed and algae growth around your property.
  • Porous materials are prone to efflorescence when exposed to the air, and Seal n’ Lock can protect from this!
How Do We Clean & Seal Pavers?
A stainless steel pressure washer surface cleaner being used on a sidewalk, with a bush and lawn in the background.
  • Window Genie of NE Cincinnati offers services for cleaning concrete floors and patios to enhance your property’s overall appearance and aesthetics. When you’re looking for professionals to help keep your place intact, we are here to help. Whether it’s your driveways, sidewalks, patios, or more, we can handle it all with our expert training and knowledge. Contact us today for your Mason, Loveland, or Maineville service needs!

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Our commitment to customer satisfaction and professionalism is what sets us apart from the competition. You can feel safe knowing our team of service professionals are fully trained, insured, bonded, and drive custom-wrapped vehicles for easy identification.

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