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Commercial Window Tinting in St. John, IN

Quality Commercial Window Tinting

Whether you own a commercial building you rent out to tenants or you own a business and want to improve your employees’ comfort, window tint can help. Window tinting can improve your commercial building or office’s safety, security, privacy, and comfort. At Window Genie of Northwest Indiana, we specialize in quick, quality commercial window tinting in St. John, IN. We can do an onsite assessment of your building to locate security vulnerabilities and window issues. We’ll then discuss your goals, needs, and budget. In addition to commercial window tinting services, we also offer decorative and security window tint.

Commercial Window Tinting in St. John, IN

Quality Commercial Window Tinting

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Discover the Benefits of Commercial Window Tint

Most people are aware of window tinting but might not realize it offers benefits beyond privacy. Commercial window tinting can dramatically improve your commercial property’s appearance, security, and comfort. Take a look at the benefits of window tinting your office, and then call us to schedule window tinting services:

  • Lower energy bills by reducing heat loss and gain.
  • Provide more privacy to employees, tenants, and guests.
  • Prevent would-be thieves from seeing what’s in your building.
  • Improve the safety of the windows.
  • Improve the strength of the windows so it’s harder for thieves to break in.
  • Reduce the risk of damage from high winds, dust, rocks, birds, and projectiles.
  • Improve the appearance of the building.
  • Increase the comfort of the building by lowering heat gain and glare.
  • Make it easier for people to see their computer screens.
  • Allow natural light inside the building without sacrificing privacy.
  • Protect the draperies, upholstery, carpeting, rugs, artwork, wallpaper, and wall paint from sun damage and fading.
  • Offer UV protection to employees, tenants, and guests.

Explore Our Window Tinting Services

We offer window tinting services to commercial properties of all sizes and types. We’ve worked with business and property owners across industries to create a safer, more comfortable workplace for their employees, tenants, and guests. This is a brief outline of what you can expect when we visit your commercial property to perform an assessment for office window tint:

  • Consultation & Evaluation – We’ll look at the number, size, and type of windows in the building. We may examine the interior and exterior of the windows or ask when they were last cleaned and how well they have been maintained.
  • Discussion – Next, we’ll discuss your plans and goals for the property. What is your main concern that we can solve with window tinting?
  • Counting Windows – To get an accurate estimate of the cost of commercial window tinting, we’ll count the size and type of windows.
  • Estimate – We’ll discuss our estimate and explain how we arrived at that number.
  • Scheduling – If you accept our quote, we’ll schedule the date and time to begin commercial window tinting services. We’ll explain how long the process will take and what your employees can expect step by step.
  • Final Walkthrough – When we’re done, we’ll do a final walkthrough with you and discuss care and maintenance.

Choose the Best Window Tint for Your Office

One of the most important decisions is choosing the best office window tint type. This will depend on your goals and what you hope to achieve with our commercial window tinting services. Let’s go over the factors you should consider when picking out office window tint:

  • Insulating Properties – How well do you need the window tint to block heat and insulate the windows?
  • UV Protection Rating – If the windows get natural sunlight in the morning or afternoon, those windows should have a window tint that offers UV protection.
  • Visibility – If you want employees to be able to see out of the windows at all times of day, you should consider the visibility of each type of window tint. Allowing more natural light during the day can reduce your reliance on overhead lighting.
  • Security Features – Consider the security features you want your window tint to have. Using safety film can make it harder to break the glass and can prevent the glass from shattering everywhere if it does break.
  • Privacy – Do you mainly want office window tint to increase privacy? If so, you should use window tints with a lower percentage.
  • Glare Reduction – If you want to reduce sun glare so it’s easier for employees to see computer screens or guests to see television screens, window tint can help. Ask for sun control window tint.

Consider Decorative vs. Security Window Tinting

If you need help choosing between decorative and security window tint, give us a call! You’ll need to decide whether you want to use decorative or security window tinting for your commercial business:

  • Decorative Window Tinting – Mostly used in interior glass and windows, it doesn’t allow anyone to see in or out of the glass. It doesn’t offer insulating properties, UV protection, or security features. Decorative window tint is primarily to offer privacy while also maintaining an attractive appearance in private spaces. You might use decorative window film in a commercial building on office windows, door windows, transom windows, bathroom windows, and conference room windows. You can maintain confidentiality and privacy without affecting the room’s overall aesthetics.
  • Security Window Tinting – Can be used in interior or exterior windows to make the glass harder to break. If the glass does break, it won’t burst into dangerous shards. The pieces of glass will stick to the window film.

Review Grades of Commercial Window Tint

Office window tints are available in different grades that indicate the type of protection they offer. We can help you choose the right grade of commercial window tint for your needs:

  • Solar Window Films – This window tint protects against UV rays and glare. The solar film can absorb up to 99% of UV rays.
  • Metalized Films – This window tint uses thin layers of tiny metal particles to reflect light. They create a mirrored effect on the exterior of the windows.
  • Carbon Film Tints – This window tint is matte and non-reflective. It can also block excess heat and prevent sun damage. It also reduces the risk of window damage due to wind and projectiles.
  • Ceramic Film – This window tint is the most effective at counteracting solar heat gain. It can reduce heat gain and loss and make your heating and cooling system more effective and efficient.

Call Today to Learn About Office Window Tint

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment to install office window tint, call us at Window Genie of Northwest Indiana. We’ll send a member of our office window tint team to your commercial property for an assessment. We can help you find the perfect window tint for your office. Call today to schedule an appointment or request a quote online for window tint in St. John, Crown Point, Schererville, Dyer, Munster, Cedar Lake, or Valparaiso, IN.

Call Today to Learn About Office Window Tint
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