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Security Window Films in Valparaiso & St. John, IN

Enjoy Privacy in Your Home with Window Film

Window Genie of Northwest Indiana provides safety and security film installation services in St. John, Indiana. Our window films are made by experts and are of excellent quality to ensure the privacy of your living space. They help protect against things like break-ins, accidents, and bad weather. We make sure our films look nice on your property and give you a sense of peace. You can count on us to strengthen your windows with a film that’ll last a long time. Contact us today to schedule your service.

Security Window Films in Valparaiso & St. John, IN

Enjoy Privacy in Your Home with Window Film

Assessing broken glass to install a window security film.

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Reliable Professional Services for Your Comfort & Protection

Picking the right experts is crucial for putting in security window film. Our experts are well-trained and have all the knowledge and practice required to do it correctly. This way, your window film will perform at its peak, strengthening your windows and blocking harmful sunlight. Additionally, when our technicians handle the task, they ensure the film fits perfectly on your window, so you won’t notice any errors or things that make it appear unattractive. Relying on our team guarantees you top-notch service, and you can be confident that your security window film will endure.

Why Should You Install Safety Security Film?

You gain many benefits when you hire us to install security window film. At Window Genie of Northwest Indiana, we’re all about your safety, and our window film is one of the best ways to keep you safe. Here’s why you should think about our installation services:

  • Firstly, it strengthens your windows, making them harder to break into or accidentally damage.

  • Secondly, it’s like a shield against the sun. It blocks almost all the bad sunlight, harming your furniture and skin. This way, your belongings won’t fade, and you’ll be less likely to have skin problems.

  • Furthermore, if a window breaks, the film holds all the pieces together, making you less likely to get hurt by sharp glass.

  • Lastly, when pros install it, your windows will look great, work well, and make your place worth more. Plus, it’ll give you peace of mind.

Window Genie technician showing a customer her options.

Deciding Upon the Right Film for You

Window Genie has different safety and security films for all kinds of windows in homes or offices. The film can be thick or light, and it can be more or less tinted. A local Window Genie expert can help you pick the right one for what you need. We have a bunch of security films to choose from. Some are thin (2mm) and help stop theft and quickly grab stuff, while others are thick (15mm), giving the most protection against big disasters. You can also choose between clear and slightly tinted options. All our security films block almost all (up to 99%) of the bad sunlight, and they can also stop too much glare and heat. All our safety and security films have a factory warranty and a tough layer that resists scratches to make them look good for a long time. We’re the biggest national company for putting in window films, so you can trust Window Genie to put a really good film on your home or office windows.

Deciding Upon the Right Film for You
Window Genie professional explaining options to a cutomer inside her home.

Offering Free Consultations & Estimates

Do you want to learn more about our safety and security films? Contact us for a free quote with no pressure to commit. We’re Window Genie, good at putting on window tints nationwide. We understand how important it is to choose the right product for your windows that lasts a long time and provides top-notch protection for your home and workplace.

Contact Us Today for Your Installation Service

Simply put, the window security film services from Window Genie of Northwest Indiana make your property worth more. Our skilled team puts on films that make your windows more challenging and better at handling harm. These films also give you extra privacy and shield you from harmful UV rays. We’re all about taking good care of our customers and their property, whether you live in Crown Point, Schererville, Dyer, Munster, Cedar Lake, or Valparaiso. Our services are a smart and valuable choice if you want to increase safety and feel safer at home or in your business. Get in touch with us today to set up your service.

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