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Durable Commercial Window Tinting in Fort Worth, TX

Keep Your Office Building Cool with Window Genie of Fort Worth

Window Genie of Fort Worth offers commercial window tinting for businesses in Texas. If you work in the surrounding areas of Mansfield, Arlington, Weatherford, Benbrook, Mira Vista, Arlington Heights, or Aledo, TX, we are happy to reach you with the same quality services. When planning for upgrade projects in your office space, a fresh window tint could do the trick for saving on cost and energy. We are here to make your working environment comfortable and convenient. No one should have to squint all day at their desk while typing on the computer. Energy bills shouldn't suffer high costs due to excessive heat from the beaming sun. With us, you can access optimal solutions to your biggest concerns. Contact us today to schedule a window tint installation service.

Durable Commercial Window Tinting in Fort Worth, TX

Keep Your Office Building Cool with Window Genie of Fort Worth

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Enjoy the Perks of Commercial Window Tinting

Nowadays, commercial office buildings, storefronts, and high-rises are built with more glass than ever in the past. It looks beautiful and creates impressive architectural designs, but windows can waste energy. Even though newer buildings have windows designed to be more efficient, they don't protect well against the sun. This means that your business or office space can still be harmed by the sun's effects with fading, damage to the skin, too much heat, and annoying glare. When you have us install commercial window film, you'll enjoy getting rid of these nuisances!

What Are the Advantages of Commercial Office Window Tinting?

If you're wondering what the advantages of having commercial window tinting are, we have provided some of the most common perks that businesses enjoy. Here are the following factors you can look forward to when scheduling an installation with our experts:

  • Energy Efficiency: Window tinting can significantly enhance energy efficiency by reducing solar heat gain. It helps keep the interior cooler in hot weather, reducing the reliance on air conditioning and lowering energy costs. Additionally, window films can prevent heat loss during colder months, improving overall insulation.
  • UV Protection: Window tinting films can block a significant portion of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This helps protect furniture, carpets, and merchandise from fading or discoloration caused by prolonged sun exposure. It also safeguards employees and customers from potential UV-related health risks.
  • Privacy and Security: Privacy is essential for certain businesses, such as offices, healthcare facilities, or conference rooms. Tinted window films can obscure the view from the outside, ensuring confidentiality and creating a more secure environment. Additionally, some films offer enhanced security by making windows more resistant to shattering and break-ins.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Window tinting offers a cost-effective alternative to window replacement. It is a relatively affordable investment with long-term benefits such as energy savings, reduced maintenance costs for furniture and merchandise, and potential tax incentives for energy-efficient improvements.

What Window Tint Designs Can We Install? 

Depending on your preferences for your commercial building, we can install window film from various options. Each type of tint is manufactured with unique quality features to fulfill different purposes. Some are more cost-effective with less beneficial properties, while others are a little more expensive but offer benefits worth investing in long-term. Ceramic tints do the trick if you're looking for the top choice on the market. They are glare-resistant and offer complete protection from UV rays. When you're ready to call us for installation, ask us about these films to choose which is best for you:

  • Dyed Tint
  • Metalized Tint
  • Hybrid Tint
  • Carbon Tint
  • Ceramic Tint

Request a Free Estimate for Service Today

Our Window Genie of Fort Worth professionals are trained to install films for any size building or project. No matter how large or wide your windows are, we can service you with any product to fulfill your preferences and purpose. If you're looking for ways to keep employees comfortable while working, this is the perfect way to keep out unwanted heat and beaming sun rays. When you're unsure which option to choose for installation, we are happy to help you decide on the best choice for aesthetics and protection. We offer free estimates so you can plan before scheduling appointments to tint commercial windows. Call us today to ask how we can help you.

  • Corner of the outside of a commercial building on a cloudy day.

    Solar Control Window Film

    Window Genie's solar control window film services are an ideal solution for managing the sun's heat and glare, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency for your business. Our films reduce the amount of solar heat coming through window glass to maintain consistent temperatures and lower cooling costs. Additionally, they minimize the harmful effects of UV rays, protecting your furniture from fading.

  • Shattered glass.

    Security Window Film

    Window Genie's security window films enhance the safety and security of your business. Not only do they help in holding the glass together in case of breakage, but they also provide increased privacy and can reduce harmful UV rays. Our service professionals ensure that films are applied seamlessly, offering a clear view without compromising on security.

  • Decorative window film.

    Decorative Window Film

    Our decorative window film applications offer aesthetic appeal with a variety of designs and patterns, provide privacy, and reduce glare without sacrificing natural light. Ideal for commercial spaces, Window Genie's decorative films are a smart way to update the look of your windows while also offering UV protection to reduce fading of your interior furnishings.

  • Window Genie service professional removing window film.

    Film Removal

    Window Genie's professional window film removal services ensure a seamless and damage-free process, whether you're updating your business's aesthetics, removing outdated tinting, or preparing for new window treatments. Our service professionals use the latest techniques and tools to carefully remove existing films, maintaining the integrity of your windows and preparing them for new films.

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