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Commercial Window Tinting in Milton, WI

Boost Your Business’s Privacy and Protection

Running a business requires you to spin multiple plates at once. Whether you’re trying to keep up with inventory and ensuring orders get sent out correctly, one thing you can’t let drop is maintaining a comfortable and productive environment for your employees and customers. Commercial properties often feature more glass than ever, providing a better view while letting in more natural light, but we all know that windows are known for wasting energy. Most buildings use windows that offer almost no protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, leading to glares, fluctuating temperatures, fading, and higher energy bills. Window Genie of South Wisconsin makes improving your business’s comfort, convenience, and safety easy with our commercial window tinting. Our window tints are perfect for businesses throughout Milton, Janesville, Beloit, Edgerton, Whitewater, Fort Atkinson, WI, and surrounding areas. Learn more about our commercial window tinting service and options by requesting a quote today!

Commercial Window Tinting in Milton, WI

Boost Your Business’s Privacy and Protection

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  • Our window tints can easily and quickly create a customized look and feel for your commercial property, regardless of size or age. Window Genie of South Wisconsin offers reflective, high-tech looks, subtle bronze or neutral tones, or styles perfect for making older buildings feel contemporary.

  • We’ll work with you to help you find the perfect window tint that fits your needs, style, and budget. The commercial window tinting service we offer is designed to help create a uniform style for your property while reducing glare, slowing fading, and eliminating heat spikes.

  • As soon as our seasoned technicians are finished applying your new tint, you’ll immediately notice and experience the benefits. If you’re ready to elevate your business and find the style you’ve always wanted, call Window Genie of South Wisconsin.

Reduce Your Utility Cost With Our Commercial Window Tints

Taking advantage of our commercial building window tinting service provides various benefits. One of the best benefits is an overall reduction in your business’s energy usage. Overhead costs remain a primary concern for most, but our unrivaled window tinting service helps reduce your company’s utility bill by as much as 30%. The tints we apply are almost undetectable and are available in a large selection of styles and performance levels that block up to 79% of incoming UV rays. This makes our commercial window tints ideal for the following businesses:

  • Storefronts
  • Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Doctor Offices and Hospitals
  • Schools and Other Educational Facilities
  • Gyms
  • And More!
  • Window Genie of South Wisconsin is dedicated to providing your business with unrivaled commercial window tinting services. Our highly trained technicians have years of experience applying window tints, cleaning windows, unclogging gutters, and ensuring your concrete surfaces are correctly sealed. When you leave the job to us, you can trust that you’ll always receive exemplary results. We believe in our work so much that we back it up with our Neighborly Done Right Promise, ensuring your complete satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied after our team has left, give us a call. We’ll send technicians back to your property to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work. We recommend taking a look at some additional reasons Milton, WI, and surrounding businesses have trusted us for their window tinting needs:

    • Our employees are pre-screened before being allowed on a job site and wear easily identifiable ID badges.
    • Our custom-wrapped Geniemobiles let you know we’re the real deal.
    • Window Genie of South Wisconsin is fully insured and a nationally ranked business.
    • Our “Neighborly Done Right Promise™” guarantees all our work.
  • Corner of the outside of a commercial building on a cloudy day.

    Solar Control Window Film

    Window Genie's solar control window film services are an ideal solution for managing the sun's heat and glare, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency for your business. Our films reduce the amount of solar heat coming through window glass to maintain consistent temperatures and lower cooling costs. Additionally, they minimize the harmful effects of UV rays, protecting your furniture from fading.

  • Shattered glass.

    Security Window Film

    Window Genie's security window films enhance the safety and security of your business. Not only do they help in holding the glass together in case of breakage, but they also provide increased privacy and can reduce harmful UV rays. Our service professionals ensure that films are applied seamlessly, offering a clear view without compromising on security.

  • Decorative window film.

    Decorative Window Film

    Our decorative window film applications offer aesthetic appeal with a variety of designs and patterns, provide privacy, and reduce glare without sacrificing natural light. Ideal for commercial spaces, Window Genie's decorative films are a smart way to update the look of your windows while also offering UV protection to reduce fading of your interior furnishings.

  • Person removing window film.

    Film Removal

    Window Genie's professional window film removal services ensure a seamless and damage-free process, whether you're updating your business's aesthetics, removing outdated tinting, or preparing for new window treatments. Our service professionals use the latest techniques and tools to carefully remove existing films, maintaining the integrity of your windows and preparing them for new films.

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