Do You Need Rain Gutter Cleaning Services?

Routine gutter cleaning is among the most important home maintenance tasks. Unfortunately, it is also the most commonly overlooked maintenance task as well. Gutters are responsible for redirecting rainwater away from your home to a safe location. When your gutters become clogged, they will stop working properly, and water will usually overflow into a single location or begin leaking through joints. This pooling of water can seep down around your home’s foundation, causing costly problems down the road. Window Genie of Waco offers expert gutter cleaning services in Waco, Texas. Forget about wasting your weekend on a ladder, scraping sticks, leaves, and debris from your gutters. Our experienced specialists are here to do the hard work for you. Learn more about our rain gutter cleaning services.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important

Window Genie Employee Cleaning Clogged Gutter
Let’s be frank. Cleaning your own gutters can be a real pain. Homeowners often put off cleaning their gutters until they have noticeable problems, but this is a very bad idea. The best way to prevent rain-related issues is to clean your gutters before the blockages and debris become noticeable. Window Genie of Waco helps you prevent the most common types of water damage by providing gutter cleaning services from a team of highly qualified technicians. When you put off your gutter cleaning, you open yourself up to some problems, including the following:


  • Flooded Basements – When a clogged gutter blocks rainwater from getting to your downspout, it starts to overflow. When it overflows, it will go straight down around your home, and it can eventually seep into your basement. Clogged gutters are one of the most common sources of basement water damage.
  • Cracked Foundations – When water is not directed away from your home, it pools around your home’s foundation. If that water ever freezes, it can cause cracks in your home’s foundation. While this isn’t common here in Texas, the standing water around your home’s foundation can cause long-term damage even without freezing.
  • Rotting Wood – Water pouring down the side of your house can find its way through your home’s exterior. That excessive moisture will eventually cause rotting, mold, and other types of unwanted damage to the wooden parts of your home. When you compare the cost of gutter cleaning services to replacing rotten wood, you’ll see why gutter cleaning is such a wise investment.
  • Attracting Pests – Many of the peskiest pests use standing water for breeding, which means that a clogged gutter is an ideal place for them to gather. Wood-eating insects, mosquitos, wasps, and termites are likely to be attracted to your unkempt gutters, and they may just decide to stay. 

Why Choose Window Genie of Waco

When you hire a team of professionals for your gutter cleaner services, you should expect flawless results. Window Genie of Waco is known for highly-trained technicians, comprehensive services, and competitive pricing. We can even combine our services, so you don’t have to work with multiple companies to keep your home’s exterior in top condition. We can pressure wash your home’s exterior and concrete. Our team can also clean and tint your windows for you. No matter what type of services you need, you can expect the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship from us.

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Window Genie Tech doing gutter cleaning Don’t put off cleaning your gutters for another day. It’s never been easier than when you work with Window Genie of Waco. The residents of Waco, Heart of Texas, and Magnolia trust us with their homes because they know they know that our customer service is unmatched. All workers wear uniforms and arrive in clearly marked GENIEMOBILES. We ensure that anyone working on your home is fully insured. On top of that, all our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise. When you are ready to get started, we offer free estimates on gutter cleaning services. Request your free gutter cleaning estimate today!