Window Tint Services at Commercial Properties

Your staff and visitors should come to a workplace that’s safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasant to help them stay productive and relish their time at your business. Furthermore, if you’re a business owner, you already want to get the most out of your property, including keeping climate control reliable and more affordable. Fortunately, Window Genie of Waco offers commercial and residential customers comprehensive cleaning and improvement services for their homes and businesses across Waco, Magnolia, and Heart of Texas, TX. A commercial window tint applied to your exterior windows can improve your building’s energy efficiency while making it less vulnerable to UV rays damage. This simple application also protects against storms, vandalism, storms, and strangers’ prying eyes as they pass. With extensive training and years of experience, our team expertly installs window tinting at residential and commercial properties. We’ll gladly help you make your commercial building’s indoor spaces more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Protection from Sunlight With Solar Window Films

Commercial Solar Window FilmsCommercial buildings built today have more glass than those constructed in past decades, such as high-rises, storefronts, and office buildings. These gleaming, contemporary architectural designs may look upscale and beautiful, but all the glass on the outside can result in high expenses surpassing initial construction. A building with a multitude of large windows wastes a lot of energy. Newer commercial structures frequently feature Low-E windows for better energy efficiency, but they do next to nothing to protect you against the sun’s rays. If your building has these windows, you likely already endure ultraviolet (UV) rays’ harmful effects, including fading furniture, skin damage, heat buildup, and glare. Window Genie of Waco offers commercial solar window film to give your building the protection it needs. Industry manufacturers design these films to cut glare, save energy, eliminate hot spots, and reduce fading. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can show our wide selection and schedule a convenient time and date to install it.

Cut Your Monthly Utility Bills With Commercial Window Tint

window_film_heat-300x230Businesses of all types tend to prioritize energy efficiency and seek cost-effective solutions for this need. Window Genie of Waco has you covered with commercial window film, giving businesses like yours optimal window clarity while reducing your monthly energy bills, heat buildup, and glare. Many businesses like restaurants and fitness centers already know how their customers can be reluctant to work out or sit by windows because of brutal heat and bright sunlight. These issues are easy to resolve without obstructing your outdoor views with solar shade or blind installations. The latest window film technology provides up to 79% heat and glare rejection, so staff and customers feel more comfortable indoors while utility bills drop significantly. Lastly, business managers and owners can relax knowing their windows’ security film prevents break-ins and safeguards their buildings against natural disasters.

 Get a Uniform Appearance With Window Tint & Film

Window Film GlareWindow tint or film is available in many styles and colors to consider if you’re a property manager, business owner, or interior decorator. Professionals enjoy this product’s versatility because it lets them complement their building’s design and create a uniform appearance quickly and effectively. Window Genie of Waco will gladly help you find a tin or film type that matches your aesthetic goals and priorities. We have neutral or subtle bronze films, high-tech looks, mirrored reflective options, and many other styles. This broad range of choices lets commercial owners and managers customize their buildings’ appearance, whether giving their older buildings an update or finishing their brand-new commercial building. Our highly trained technicians guide you through our wide selection to identify one that’s perfect for your company.

What Is Window Film & How Does It Benefit Me?

Commercial Window FilmWindow film is a cost-effective retrofit window application. Industry manufacturers design this film to apply to a window’s interior surface while being nearly undetectable after application. Customers have a wide assortment of colors and levels to consider. Window Genie of Waco’s commercial window tint or film selection has a unique ability to control fading, heat buildup, and glare while being nearly invisible. You get immediate benefits after your application, such as 99% ultraviolet (UV) protection slowing the fading effect these harmful rays cause. Window film also provides glare or white light reduction and up to 79% incoming solar energy rejection. Finally, you can use commercial window tinting to help correct the sunny and shady spots in your interior spaces creating temperature imbalances.

Contact Window Genie of Waco to Schedule Service

Window Genie tech going to do commercial window tinting Window Genie of Waco gladly applies commercial window tints at commercial buildings to provide all the benefits mentioned earlier. We combine all our commercial window films with a factory-backed warranty to ensure your window film application stays on your windows. Another benefit is protection against routine cleaning and employee or customer activities with a scratch-resistant coating to resist wear and tear. New window tinting on your commercial windows will give you confidence it controls UV rays without ruining your scenic outdoor view. This film also looks outstanding and lasts for years to come. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help your business with a commercial window tint application. You can start the process by requesting an estimate.