Why Commercial Window Tinting Is a Wise Investment

It can feel nice to have the sun hit you in the face when you step outside to go on a walk. However, you don’t want the sun’s harsh rays blinding you when you’re in the office or shopping. If you own or manage a commercial building, you should consider tinting your property’s windows to increase the comfort of occupants and reduce energy costs at the same time. Window Genie of West Chester can tint commercial windows in West Chester, Ohio. There are many reasons for a savvy property owner to upgrade to tinted windows, whether you have an office building, restaurant, storefront, or any other commercial space. Learn more about our commercial window tinting services.

Protecting Your Building From Solar Rays

commercial window filmWhile large, picturesque windows can make your commercial space more appealing, they open you up to many problems presented by solar rays. The sun’s rays increase the temperature in your building, forcing your air conditioning system to work harder. The bright light from the sun also obstructs the view of screens, making window-adjacent seating one of the least popular spots in cafes and offices. Ultraviolet light from the sun can even cause long-term damage to skin and furniture. All of these issues can be solved with a single solution: window tinting. Window Genie of West Chester’s commercial window films rejects up to 79% of heat and glare. At the same time, they offer 99% UV protection. Window tinting films on commercial buildings allow you to enjoy the benefits of big windows without the drawbacks.

Window Tinting Can Cut Energy Costs

window film heatYou might have noticed that parts of your building get especially hot when the sun is hitting them directly. As the sun’s rays enter your windows, they increase the heat within, just like a greenhouse or a car on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, this can increase your costs for cooling your building significantly. Commercial building window tinting doesn’t just reduce eye strain caused by the sun. It actually blocks a significant amount of the heat that penetrates your buildings through the windows. Our window films will stop up to 79% of the heat from solar rays, allowing you to reduce your energy costs.

Aesthetically Pleasing Window Tinting

decorative window filmsIt’s easy to get distracted by all the functional benefits commercial office window tinting can provide. While tinting your windows can reduce energy costs, increase comfort, and enhance security, it can also make your building look better. Many types of window tinting have chic and stylish designs, such as mirrored, bronze, or frosted window tinting. Customers, clients, and employees might think that you invested a fortune to upgrade to frosted privacy glass or mirrored windows, but you’ll know that you simply made a wise investment when you upgraded to an aesthetically pleasing window film.

Commercial Window Tinting That Increases Security and Safety

commercial window filmsFor commercial office buildings and storefronts, sprawling windows are a must. Large, oversized windows can present safety and security risks, though. Smash-and-grabs can cost storefronts a lot of money, and injuries from shattering glass can be tragic. Window Genie of West Chester’s security films is shatter resistant. So you can install them and feel at ease. These protective films will hold panes of glass together when they break, whether intentionally or accidentally. Our window tinting films even offer internal scratch resistance, meaning you don’t need to worry about them becoming damaged during cleaning or routine use.

The Benefits of Working With Window Genie of West Chester

As you can see, there are many fantastic benefits to installing window tinting on your commercial property. Whether you are interested in reducing energy costs or increasing safety, you can do it just by installing a window tinting film. You can even control the aesthetics. Many people think that window tinting requires you to dim the light coming through your windows, making a room seem like you’re looking through sunglasses. That’s not the case with modern window tinting films. We have films that are virtually undetectable after application, allowing in natural light while blocking out heat and harmful UV rays.

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Window Genie tech going to do commercial window tintingWindow Genie of West Chester has worked with many of the leading businesses in West Chester, Hamilton, Fairfield, Lebanon, and Middletown. As part of a franchise with more than 20 years of experience, we have cultivated the skills necessary to make every window tinting project a success. You can always count on our technicians being fully trained, insured, and bonded. To top it all off, we offer free estimates for all our window tinting services. Request a free commercial window tinting estimate today!