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Residential Window Tinting Services in Iowa City, IA & Cedar Rapids, IA

Professional Residential Window Tinting

Windows offer light into our home and brighten up the space. When excessive sunlight is beaming in your home, tinted windows are the perfect solution. Solar heat increases the temperature in your home and makes your air conditioner work overtime. Harmful UV rays can fade your furniture and harm your skin. Window Genie of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids provides residential window tinting services in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA. We have a wide selection of colors, shades, and materials of window film to meet your budget and goals for your home. Contact us to learn more about our residential window tinting options.

Residential Window Tinting Services in Iowa City, IA & Cedar Rapids, IA

Professional Residential Window Tinting

Window Genie professional installing solar control window film.

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  • Window tinting is an excellent way to combat many issues, from privacy concerns to solar heat. Our modern window tinting films won’t affect the appearance of your windows while protecting you from problems. We use window tinting films that look natural and won’t cause a dreary look in your home. Our service professionals will explain the many benefits of installing window tinting.

  • Helps Prevent UV Damage

    Overexposure to UV rays can damage your skin and fade your furniture. Many people with skin sensitivity disorders battle this daily without worrying about it in their homes. Sun bleaching is damage to wood, cloth, and furniture in your home. Ceramic residential window tinting is an excellent way to get 99.9% UV protection.

    Lowers Solar Heat

    Solar heat makes the temperature rise in your home, forcing your air conditioner to work harder. When solar heat comes through your windows, it’s trapped inside. Window tint film helps to reflect almost 80% of the solar heat that makes its way into your home. It can help lower your cooling costs and give your air conditioner a much-needed rest.

  • Produces Gentler Glares on TV Screens

    Light coming through your windows can create annoying glares on your screens. You may find yourself constantly closing drapes and blinds. Installing window tinting film helps ensure a relaxing TV viewing time. The refraction of light is gentler and reduces the intensity of the glares on your interior screens.

    Boosts Privacy & Scale

    Tinted windows increase your privacy and style. We offer multiple decorative window tinting options, including colored, frosted, and mirrored window films. Residential home window tinting for privacy is a cost-effective way to enhance the look of your windows. We can also install privacy window tinting with frosted film on bathroom windows for complete privacy. We can help you choose the best style of window tinting for your needs and style goals

  • Increases the Safety of Your Home

    Windows offers a clear look into your home, so they can lower your home’s privacy and safety. Shattered window panes are an issue that can lead to ER visits. Residential window tinting installation prevents shattered glass. We offer window security films with shatter-resistant properties to boost the safety of your glass.

Residential Window Tinting Cost

Window Genie of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids has multiple window tinting options to satisfy your style and budget. We have some of the most high-end selections in today’s market. The costs to tint your windows vary depending on the type of tinting. The window film pays for itself over the years as you save on energy bills immediately. You can clean your windows normally and won’t have to worry about special treatment for your tinted windows. The peace of mind you get from knowing you’re protected from harmful UV rays and don’t need to worry about solar heat is priceless. Our window tints are backed by our manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. Our team is happy to offer an estimate on our services.

  • Window Genie of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids offers comprehensive window services for Clear Rapids and Iowa City, IA residents. We always offer upfront pricing and back our work with a guarantee. You can trust us to help you choose the best window tinting products for your needs. We all have types of window film, from metalized window film to ceramic window film. Our service professionals will visit your home and show you our window film selection samples. Contact us today to schedule window tinting services or get an estimate.

  • Tinted windows with a view of a pine tree outside.

    Solar Control Window Film

    Window Genie's solar control window film services are an ideal solution for managing the sun's heat and glare, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency in your home. Our films reduce the amount of solar heat coming through window glass to maintain consistent temperatures and lower cooling costs. Additionally, they minimize the harmful effects of UV rays, protecting your furniture from fading.

  • Security window film.

    Security Window Film

    Window Genie's security window films enhance the safety and security of your home. Not only do they help in holding the glass together in case of breakage, but they also provide increased privacy and can reduce harmful UV rays. Our service professionals ensure that films are applied seamlessly, offering a clear view without compromising on security.

  • Decorative window film.

    Decorative Window Film

    Our decorative window film applications offer aesthetic appeal with a variety of designs and patterns, provide privacy, and reduce glare without sacrificing natural light. Ideal for residential spaces, Window Genie's decorative films are a smart way to update the look of your windows while also offering UV protection to reduce fading of your interior furnishings.

  • Man removing window film.

    Film Removal

    Window Genie's professional window film removal services ensure a seamless and damage-free process, whether you're updating your home's aesthetics, removing outdated tinting, or preparing for new window treatments. Our service professionals use the latest techniques and tools to carefully remove existing films, maintaining the integrity of your windows and preparing them for new films.

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