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1 Important Thing People Overlook with Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is no fun for homeowners. That much is obvious by the number of dingy windows you will see driving through a residential neighbourhood. This dirty, dangerous, and difficult task is usually neglected because it’s just too much hassle for what is usually perceived as an exclusively aesthetic improvement.

The procrastination and neglect that talk of window cleaning evokes tells us one thing: nobody is overlooking the labor-intensive nature of window cleaning tasks.

However, what is often overlooked is the skills required to produce a quality window clean. Most people think of window cleaning as a form of unskilled labor, something that anybody can do with an old squeegee, a bucket of clean water, and a ladder. Little do they know that they are dead wrong!

Professional window cleaners are very familiar with the steep learning curve that comes along with window cleaning training, but it is almost always overlooked by homeowners. This might be for the best; if homeowners knew the tough reality of learning how to squeegee skillfully, their windows would probably never get cleaned!

Fortunately, we can help. Whether you are looking to inform your own home window cleaning effort or need to justify the cost of a professional window cleaning, the following squeegee tutorial will give you all the information you need!

Start-Up Channel Check

The first step in your window cleaning chore should be to scrub all the debris from your window panes. This is the first thing the Window Genie team does as part of their 3-step cleaning process. Once this step is behind you, it’s time to check the squeegee channel. You need to ensure that it is perfectly straight and that the rubber tip does not show signs of excessive wear.

Getting the Feel Right

Using a squeegee and getting the feel right is one of the most challenging aspects of window cleaning that is usually overlooked. It will take a lot of practice.

Getting used to the feel of the squeegee is 90% of the learning curve associated with window cleaning. There is a certain speed and pressure that you have to use to avoid leaving streaks behind. If you have tried cleaning on your own already, then you are probably very familiar with how easy it is to get this delicate balance wrong. The wrong speed or amount of pressure will leave a streaky, unsightly finish, putting your entire day’s work to waste!

Additionally, the perfect pressure will vary depending on your speed and position.

Try to pick an easy window to practice on. This practice pane should be easily within reach, preferably accessible without the help of a ladder, and not be in direct sunlight. You should scrub and squeeze this window over and over again, paying careful attention to the pressure you are applying each time and the streaks that it is leaving behind. Take your time and find the right feel for your particular piece of equipment. Start with side-to-side squeegeeing, as this is generally considered to be easier. Pulling from the top will usually leave you with a window full of streaks. Moving onto a snake-like motion that allows for a full window clean without picking up the squeegee is the last step towards mastering a quick, effective clean.

Step-By-Step Squeegee Strategy for Beginners

  • Wet the window with soapy water after finishing your scrubbing prep work.
  • Take one window cleaning towel and wrap it around your index finger. Use this to wipe dry the edges of the window.
  • This will stop water dripping down as you squeeze the window pane.
  • Once the side and top edges of the window are dry, take your squeegee and place its rubber blade on the top of the dry edge. Pull it across the window, shifting the top channel out first so that you can maintain an angle of roughly 15-20 degrees. Pull all the way over to the opposite of the window.
  • Using your towel, wipe the squeegee blade dry. Check to see if the side and top edges are still dry, and give them a wipe if they’ve gotten wet.
  • Repeat until you have finished the window.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg for squeegee skills training. Wiping the edges, detailing, and dealing with water beads are all advanced skills that are beyond the scope of a single article. Learn more or hire the Window Genie team today to cut out the learning curve at!

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