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10 Crafty Old Window Frame Decorating Ideas

Old window frames.

Old window frames are a favorite at estate sales and flea markets, capable of adding a timeless charm to any room. You can even repurpose your home’s outdated windows instead of allocating them to the landfill! Here are 10 old window frame ideas for incorporating vintage flair into your decor.

DIY Picture Frame

Family photos are a favorite living room decor item. Make a creative focal point by using an old window as a picture frame. You might print a single black-and-white photo, allowing the mullions to break up the image for visual interest. You can also use smaller photos that fit inside each divided lite. Consider mounting the photos to scrapbook paper or mats for a layered look.

Wall Art

Photos aren’t the only thing you can mount behind the glass—place art or patterned paper inside the old window frame to create an inexpensive work of art.

Hallway Key Rack

Hang the old window frame on the wall and attach hooks along the bottom of the frame to hold keys, hats, and other small items.

Shabby Chic Chalkboard

This window decoration is ideal for the kitchen, mudroom, or breakfast nook. You can achieve the look by painting the panes with chalkboard paint. If the glass is damaged, or you’re looking to dress up a chalkboard you already have, simply use the window frame as an overlay.

Dry Erase Board

Put colored or patterned paper behind the glass, and then use the window as a dry-erase board. Your family will love writing little messages and reminders to one another!

Vertical Garden

A tall, narrow window frame with mullions provides just the right framework for a vertical garden. You might add hooks to each level and hang small potted plants or herbs. You can even use the frame as a trellis for vines and other climbing plants.

Jewelry Organizer

This is one of the most useful ways to repurpose old windows. Replace the glass with chicken wire and install a few hooks on the frame. Now you have the perfect place to store and display earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Coffee Table Top

If you’re looking to add a conversation starter to your living room, this could be it! Repurposing an old window frame into a coffee table top requires a bit more effort, but the results can be stunning. You’ll need to replace the old panes with safety glass, mount the frame to scrapwood for extra stability, and attach a leg to each corner.

Airy Room Divider

This old window frame idea is useful in large, open living spaces. Window frames suspended from the ceiling add gorgeous partitions you can see through to define the room without wrecking the spacious feel.

Shadow Box

Mount an old window frame to a wooden box and fill it with whatever items your heart desires. If you want each divided lite to have its display, make sure you craft the shadow box accordingly. Put in sand and seashells to create a beach-themed diorama. Leave the top open and drop in a wine cork every time you open a new bottle. Or commemorate an Armed Forces veteran in the family with their metals and a folded American flag. While you’re repurposing old windows into works of art, remember to keep your functional panes looking great with window cleaning services from Window Genie. Put your full confidence in us and our exclusive Streak-Free Guarantee! To request services in your area, please contact us today. Need to replace any old windows in your home? Our fellow Neighborly company, Glass Doctor, can lend a hand.

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