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10 Ladder Safety Tips from Window Genie's Expert Window Cleaning Team

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A surprising amount of people are hospitalized each month after taking a tumble from the top rung of a ladder. These people are typically ardent DIYers who refuse to call an expert window cleaning team. This is a common mistake people make, and one that is easy to understand; after all, window cleaning doesn’t look that difficult, and you can buy everything you need to make an amateur attempt at your local hardware store for a relatively small price.

The idea of saving some money that would have been “wasted” by hiring an expert window cleaning team proves too hard to resist for some people, and before you know it, they are wobbling on the top rung with a bucket of water and cheap cleaner balanced in one hand, and a rag or dollar-store squeegee in the other.

The best-case scenario here is pretty underwhelming; assuming you get the job done safely, you will probably not master the squeegee on your first try, and end up staring at streaks after a long, hard day. The worst-case scenario is almost unthinkable, but it is not unlikely that you will end up being another ladder-fall statistic.

Keeping this in mind, Window Genie’s expert window cleaning team would like to offer the general public some more ladder safety tips in an effort to keep Americans safe from this everyday household hazard.

Managing the risk – Ladder safety with Window Genie’s expert window cleaning team

1) Choose an appropriate ladder for the task.

This is the first mistake many amateur window cleaners make. If saving money is the ultimate goal for a DIY cleaning, then the chances aren’t great that you will buy yourself a quality ladder, but hopefully, this convinces you! Now is not the time to drag that rickety old wooden ladder out of the garage.

2) Choose a location that is far away from power lines

Coming into contact with live power lines can be fatal, and is a surprisingly common hazard that DIY window cleaners have encountered.

3) Place your ladder somewhere without obstruction of any kind

Make sure it is fully opened with all locking mechanisms engaged. Stay clear of any unlocked doors.

4) Make sure that the ladder is placed on level ground.

Avoid any rocky surfaces, loose or slippery substances, or wet grass.

5) Always face the ladder when climbing

Never try to walk yourself up backward, even if your window is positioned in a way that only allows this kind of access.

6) Make sure the rungs are dry, and wear slip-resistant shoes that will create a lot of friction

Window cleaning creates lots of potential for spilled soap and water, which can increase the likelihood of a fall if a rung gets wet.

7) Wash your hands thoroughly before starting your window cleaning chore

This will keep any oily fingerprints off of the window panes, and will also minimize the chances that you lose your grip as you are climbing.

8) Stand at or below the highest safe standing level on a ladder

For a step ladder, the safe standing level is the second rung from the top; for an extension ladder, the safe standing level is typically the fourth rung.

9) Move the ladder as necessary to prevent the need to overreach

As a general rule, if your belt buckle crosses to either side of the ladder, then you are reaching too far.

10) Keep the distance between the foot of the extension ladder

Keep the distance between the foot of the extension ladder and the wall to no more than 1/4 to 1/3 of the height of the wall that you are scaling.

These ladder safety tips are pulled straight from the training program used to qualify our expert window cleaning team for the job. Though these tips will not help you produce a professional-level clean, they will go a long way toward keeping you safe. If you finish your cleaning chore and find that streaks, dirt, and soap residue still remain, then why not give our expert window cleaning team a try? If saving money is what motivates you, then you are in the right place; our bundled window cleaning program makes an affordable offer even better when you schedule your window maintenance in advance. Learn all you need to know with Window Genie and stay safe out there!

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