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3 Home Maintenance Headaches Homeowners Can Avoid With Rain Gutter Cleaning

Rain gutter cleaning is the unsung hero of the home maintenance world. Looking into what is offered within Window Genie’s comprehensive suite of homecare services, it isn’t too tough to see why that is.

Watching our expert pressure washing staff march across your patio, driveway, or deck and blast away corrosive contaminants is an exciting and visceral experience that has highly visible benefits. Your deck, patio, pavement, or home’s siding will look brighter and cleaner than they have in years, as decades of weather damage are washed away.

Similarly, our window cleaning service produces some stunning and very noticeable results. Our signature 3-step cleaning process uses soaping, squeegee work, and scraping to remove all marks, residue, and built-up saps from the window pane. The results are stunning, and since the window is a portal peered through every day, with panes proudly displayed in the home’s frontage, the results are rather hard to overlook!

Compare these outcomes with the humble rain gutter cleaning service. With your rain gutters hanging overhead with their top side out of your sight, the difference between a clean and filthy rain gutter can be tough to spot from the ground level. In fact, many homeowners don’t even realize that their gutters need cleaning for this reason until it is too late. Though the aesthetic value of rain gutter cleaning may not be as obvious at first glance, its importance in maintaining your home cannot be overstated.

Not quite convinced about the value of rain gutter cleaning? Read on to learn about 3 catastrophic home maintenance headaches that you can avoid by scheduling a discounted bundle of year-round Window Genie rain gutter cleanings!

Avoid costly flooding crises.

Clogged gutters are the number one cause of water damage in basements across America. Whether from rain or from the spring thaw, water needs a place to go, and your gutters play a crucial part in diverting it from the home. When rains or thaws water starts to run down your roof, but your clogged gutters leave it nowhere to go, the water will be forced to find another route. Unfortunately, water will always take the path of least resistance, even if this means dribbling into your soffits and siding to settle down in your basement.

The implications of basement flooding in modern America are even worse than in previous decades. Now, digital technologies have proliferated, and many basements have been converted into home theatres, man caves, gaming rooms, and more. Neglecting your rain gutter cleaning puts all of these expensive items at risk, and also risks sealing precious photo albums shut with mold and mildew.

Keep a strong foundation!

One of the most costly home maintenance headaches a homeowner can experience starts with clogged, overflowing gutters. As rain and thaw water overflows, it often settles near the home’s foundation. This can gradually erode the concrete and put the structural integrity of your home at risk but is even more of an issue in the colder months. In the winter, freezing temperatures trigger a condition known as “frost-heave,” which can leave severe cracks in your foundation, and severe dents in your bank account as a result.

Keep your gutters from turning into a hospitable pest habitat.

Clogged gutters are an insect breeding ground, as free-standing water and organic matter make a tempting spot for insect brood mothers to settle down! This means that your family will have to deal with mosquito bites and bee stings, while your home will be sieged by termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-eating bugs. Worst of all, many gutter systems end up filling with seeds blown from trees and other plant matter, which can actually cause an unwanted garden to sprout in your gutters! As roots expand and plants compete for space, your gutters can distort and worsen beyond repair. Avoid the cost of a full gutter system replacement with Window Genie’s rain gutter cleaning service!

If you would like to learn more about our professional rain gutter cleaning or are interested in saving up to 30% by starting our maintenance program, then visit now!

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