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3 Reasons to Choose Window Genie for Window Film

We have entered a time where almost everyone understands that window tint installation does more for their home or business property than add a touch of decorative flair and privacy. Indeed, nearly all of our calls related to window tint installation now start with the customer telling us how they are interested in reducing their energy and utility bills or adding some UV protection to their property. For the uninitiated, here is a quick recap of the tremendous cost, glare, and UV-reducing power of a Window Genie window tint installation:

  • Save money, and cover your window tint installation cost in savings. Window tint can reduce solar energy entering your home or business by up to 80%. This means fewer hot and cold spots that your HVAC has to work overtime to beat back. The energy savings are tangible, and in a number of months will be able to cover the cost of your window tint installation, making a Window Genie window tint an easy investment. If only it were this easy to make your money back with real estate investments!
  • Stop the sun’s sabotage of your workplace and boost productivity. Many small business owners choose window tint installation because they appreciate how much it will contribute to a boost in their company’s productivity. Reduce annoying glare on computer screens and in board rooms by up to 85% without compromising a mentally refreshing view. Minimize your employee’s eye strain for them, and watch them show their appreciation with an improved work output.
  • Protect your possessions and the people close to you. Window tint installation translates to 99.9% UV protection. This will cut down on faded furniture and flooring, but more importantly, keep your loved ones from absorbing harmful sun rays. Adding an extra layer of protection, window film installation denies potential home invades as an obvious access point to your home since even smashed window fragments will cling to the film. In fact, many federal buildings use a thick window film to protect against bomb blasts that would otherwise send glass shard shrapnel flying.

But why choose Window Genie for your window tint installation?

The simple answer to this question is that Window Genie can grant all of your window tint installation wishes without any problems. Unlike our competitors, we are a fully insured, highly-trained, warrantied window tint installation company that specializes in what we do. Here are 3 reasons why Window Genie should be your first choice for window tint installation:

  • Unbeatable warranty. Window Genie offers unprecedented warranty coverage. We are able to do this because we trust in our window tint installation technicians to do the job right, and even in rare circumstances where a fix is required, our expertise allows us to handle these repairs in a fast and efficient manner. Our lifetime warranty applies to residential installations, and we currently offer a 10-year warranty on all commercial installations. Our manufacturer’s warranty protects against any instances of bubbling, cracking, delaminating, crazing, or peeling for the coverage period.
  • Industry-leading installation. Our Window Genie window tint installation technicians go through a thorough training regimen and come fully insured so that there are no hiccups during the installation process. Bottom line – you get exactly what you ask for, quickly and efficiently.
  • High-quality materials. Having been at the forefront of the window tint installation field for many years now, Window Genie franchise owners have made important industry connections, which translate to incredible product selection for the homeowner. When you choose Window Genie for your window tint installation, you get access to a wide array of decorative, high-security, commercial, and residential tints, and an assurance that we use the best installation materials at our disposal.

If you would like your window tint installation wishes granted today, then simply call now for your free estimate!

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