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3 Reasons Window Cleaning Services Become More Valuable in Spring

The arrival of each new season brings both good and bad elements with it, both broadly speaking, and in terms of how it affects your windows. Winter has its moments; skiing and snow-ball fights are fun, but icy roads and biting cold get most people excited for spring before long. Likewise, while spring brings comfortable weather and blossoming plant life, it also brings out some common enemies of clean windows. Bugs, birds, and post-winter clean up conditions all threaten your windows’ condition. This is terrible news for homeowners already weighed down by a bloated spring cleaning chore list.

Fortunately, Window Genie is here to help. Our one of a kind 3-step cleaning process can give your interior and exterior window surfaces an efficient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly clean any time of the year. Call us today to book in bulk and save up to 30% with our Window Care program, but act fast – spring time increases the value of window cleaning services, and our Genie Mobiles can only be so many places at once! Read on to learn 3 reasons why window cleaning services become more valuable in spring.

Birds and bugs are out in force.

You’re not the only one eager to get active outside when the weather warms up. Spring is scored by the sounds of birds chirping and animals rustling. As runners, bikers, campers, and any other outdoor enthusiast will tell you, the warm weather comes at the cost of bugs. Mosquitos, deer flies, and all other manner of annoying creepy crawlers hatch into existence in the spring. This is bad news for clean windows.

More active insect populations means more bug guts, excrement, and other residue on your windows. Tree sap, bird droppings, and berry juices will all start building up on your windows, and the value of window cleaning services will start to climb.

Window Genie’s 3-step window cleaning process whisks these problems away. While other companies might be happy with a speedy wash and rinse, Window Genie goes the extra mile with a thorough glass scrubbing to remove any built-up grime that simple cleanings can’t handle. Those companies who do offer this service usually only do so at a premium. Why pay more for something Window Genie grants you for free?

Winter remnants on your windows.

Though the snow has melted, there will still be some winter mementos leftover on your windows if you don’t clean them off. The spring thaw usually leaves salt deposits and streaks on your window, especially if your window screens are dirty. Get rid of those unsightly cold weather reminders with Window Genie!

A seasonal premium on great views.

The bleak white winter is over! Spring means blossoming flowers, lush green grass, and sparkling rivers. Homeowners who are fortunate enough to have impressive backyard views will want the best possible lens through which to enjoy them. It is hard to marvel at the stars through a filthy telescope – it is similarly distracting to try and take in a breath-taking spring view through dirty windows.

Window Genie is a premium window care service provider. Our window cleaning services guarantee perfect results, and we use a process that it neither harmful to the environment, nor seasonally-sensitive. Get a great clean any time of the year by simply calling us. It’s easy, with almost no preparation required. We can clean around any furniture, curtains, grids, or landscaping features on our way to granting you your clean window wishes. Call today for a free quote, and find out why homeowners across America have been choosing the Window Genie for all their home maintenance needs!

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