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3 Reasons Window Genie Gives You More for Your Money

The American economy looks much better since the 2008 collapse that sent millions of homeowners into spending lockdown, but nobody is going to stop appreciating a good deal just because the economy has stabilized! Recognizing that people now have more disposable income available to them, many home maintenance industries are starting to mark up the cost of their services, leaving American homeowners hungry for good deals on the cleaning and maintenance of their biggest worldly investment.

The Window Genie team can grant all of your wishes for a great deal on home maintenance costs. When compared to its competitors, Window Genie shines as a provider of premier home maintenance and expert window cleaning services, all at a very reasonable price. Though some fly-by-night operators and amateur start-ups may be able to undercut Window Genie pricing, their services pale next to that of a professional window cleaning. The difference can be seen in the quality of clean, the paucity of accidents and collateral damages, and the friendly service you will experience by summoning the Window Genie team. If that isn’t enough, consider how Window Genie adds value to your home and gives you more for your money. Read on to learn 3 reasons why this is true!

Window Genie’s signature 3-step cleaning process gives you more for less.

Our signature 3-step cleaning process is unparalleled in the professional window cleaning industry. Most companies are content to charge you a premium for simple soap-and-squeegee clean, but Window Genie goes well beyond this standard-level service. At no extra charge to you, our 3-step cleaning process adds in a window scraping to help rid your windows of any built-up sap, droppings, or insect waste. This step is crucial for a truly professional window cleaning since soap and squeegee methods cannot crack these tough, stuck-on messes. Best of all, this service is offered at no charge, giving you more for your money. Most companies who take the time to scrape windows only do so at additional cost.

WG-57 – A versatile, cost-effective, dirt-deterrent!

All of our GenieMobiles are stocked with our patented WG-57 glass cleaner, and for good reason. This glass cleaning solution is one of the most versatile on the market, with 57 cleaning uses and counting. Window Genie has now made WG-57 commercially available. This product is currently available for purchase in singles, 4 packs, or cases of 12 by calling us. More than an all-purpose cleaner, WG-57 is an all-terrain cleaner, with a clinging foam that holds onto any surface without dripping or running. WG-57 is extremely affordable, and can help any homeowner get a professional window cleaning by themselves in a pinch since it easily cuts through grease and polish while guaranteeing a streak-free finish!

By choosing Window Genie for your expert window cleaning needs, you get access to this exclusive product. WG-57 does more than help homeowners get a professional window cleaning on their own time; you get more for your money since this cleaning product also fights off future dust build-up to leave windows, furniture, wheels, computer screens, tiles, and sports gear with a perfectly clean finish for longer. Sticking with the Window Genie commitment to give you more for your money, WG-57 is priced in a way so you save more money by ordering more items. Get a single can for around 15 dollars, or a case of 12 for only $66 – savings of over 114 dollars!

Protect your property while you clean it.

Window Genie gives you more for your money in the sense that the majority of our cleaning services prolong the life of your property, and minimize the need for expensive repairs and replacements down the road. Our expert window cleaning service fights off rust and dirty screen deposits that can contribute to cracking and chipping damage. Our pressure washing service blasts away mold and contaminants that could erode your pavement, decks, and siding over time, while our line of sealants locks these corrosive contaminants out for life. Our gutter cleaning service eliminates the number-one cause of basement flooding and concrete foundation damage by ensuring your water-removal channels are functioning optimally. Everywhere you look with Window Genie, extra value can be found!

To learn more about Window Genie’s home maintenance and professional window cleaning services, visit today, and start getting more for your money!

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