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3 Surprising Benefits of Window Film

After many years of having to explain that we do not tint car windows, Window Genie’s window film professionals have noticed many home and business owners starting to have a thorough understanding of the benefits of window film. As awareness for residential window film grows, so does demand.

This spread of information is probably owed to the nature of our internet age and is a pleasant surprise for Window Genie experts who are used to reeling off the same impressive laundry list of perks. Businesses and homeowners alike are now seeking out window film for specific desired benefits, whether they are looking to lower their utility bills with an 80% reduction of solar energy or keep their interior safe with glare and shatter-protective coatings.

Customers these days seem to know all about the benefits of our competitively-priced window film. Still, you can’t outdo a Window Genie expert when it comes to knowledge and passion for the perks of window film! Here are 3 surprising uses for window film that even our biggest fans may not know about yet.

For business owners, enhance your view to improve your guest’s experience.

For example, many restaurant owners have already called our window film installation team over because the utility savings were too good to pass up in an industry that demands round-the-clock use of high-powered ovens and appliances. A small investment in an insured Window Genie installation can save these individuals considerable money, and even cover the cost of the installation within months.

However, window film can actually improve a restaurant’s ambiance and dining experience. Imagine being able to eliminate glare entirely without obstructing the view of your sunset, landscape, or starry dining experience with blinds or curtains.

Other great examples include any café or coffee shop. With window film, the reading lounge areas can offer a glare-free, no-heat zone for guests to enjoy their books or get work done any time of day. And when it comes to gyms, no one wants to hop on the treadmills near the window with the sun beating down on them, shining in their eyes.

For whatever reason you’re hoping guests stick around and spend time in your business, don’t let the pesky sun be the reason they leave or don’t enjoy their experience. One phone call to the Window Genie installation team can drastically improve your customer’s experience.

Bolster your home/business security.

Aside from their celebrated privacy-boosting feature, window film gives your home an added layer of protection by denying the thief an entry point. In short, Window Genie’s window film can save you thousands of dollars in lost and stolen goods. Even if an intruder hammers your windows, the window tint film coating will prevent a shatter by holding the shards in place. Though the window will still need to be replaced, the glass shards will remain bonded to the film, similar to a car windshield.

Security film is not limited to businesses and homeowners. In fact, many federal buildings use special, thick window film tint coatings that help them withstand bomb blasts. Take advantage of an extra layer of security while you save utility money and keep everything and everyone inside safe from UV rays.

Add privacy without sacrificing style.

If you have a home with a bathroom or bedroom on the ground floor but don’t want to sacrifice your bright natural light with clunky blinds or curtains, then privacy window film is perfect for you. You don’t need to choose between privacy and style, Window Genie offers a number of options to keep your home looking good while being functional.

Many people make the mistake of associating window film with a black-out or heavily shaded effect, but this is not the only option. Window Genie gives home and business owners the option of frosted windows and decorative films that mask the room from the outer world without reducing natural light. Whether you are seeking privacy for your bathroom, bedroom, or living room’s sliding door, Window Genie has the perfect solution! Check out the simulated glass, rice paper design, patterned window films, and more here.

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