3 Surprising Ways Home Window Tint Can Protect Your Property

There was a time when people thought of tinted windows and thought only of high-style automobiles. Many homeowners are surprised to learn about the pragmatic, money-saving benefits of residential window tints. The reality is that window tint is much more common and applicable to your home or business than to the set of a Fast and Furious movie. Home window tint can save you money and even protect your property. Here are 3 surprising ways how:

Stop watching your expensive belongings fade away.

Homeowners across America have cursed the sun for the wear of glare. Imagine finding the perfect area rug after countless hours spent combing online inventories and scoping out your local salespersons’ stock, and being delighted to find it ties your room together just perfectly. Despite your best efforts, it begins to fade and spot over time as it slowly cooks under the UV rays streaming down from the sunshine. As each fiber fades away, you can only imagine dollar signs slowly evaporating. What can you do to stop this aside from slamming your blinds shut for good?

Fortunately, there is a better alternative to having your living room transformed into a dark cave. Keep enjoying that light, airy sun-drenched room! Window Genie home window tint lets you enjoy the mental boost and warmth of strong sunlight without putting your belongings at risk. Enjoy a beautiful sunny day and enhance your view with home window tint, which stops annoying glare and blocks up to 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays to keep flooring, furniture, and accent pieces from fading. 


Turn down the heat.

On a sunny day, fumbling with the thermostat won’t be enough to keep a room cool unless you are willing to sink money into heavy-duty air conditioning. Some things in the home respond poorly to heat. Whether you have a kitchen full of baked goods or a pet-filled crate in your living room, sometimes you need to control the heat in order to protect your property. Home window tint reduces solar energy by up to 80%, which not only keeps your energy bills in check, but also eliminates any hot spots that could melt toys, ruin baked goods cooling in the kitchen, or put a pet in danger.

Fortify your home’s entry points and discourage theft.

In the eyes of a potential burglar, your home is weakest at the windows. While you can spend serious money on durable locks and thick doors, it only takes a quick hit with a hammer to shatter your windows and give a criminal a way in. Window Genie gives you an added layer of protection and makes entry through these weak window points very difficult. With special window films used in government buildings to protect against bomb blasts, the security boost that home window tint gives homeowners cannot be overstated. The film will hold glass fragments in place so that the criminal has no way in, or will have to make a lot of noise over a long time to make any progress. This can discourage all but the most determined of burglars.

Beyond the structural fortification offered by home window tint, this service also obscures your home’s interior from those trying to gauge if your property is worth entering. If they can’t see what they will get for breaking in, there is much less chance that a prospective burglar will risk detection. 

It is easy to see how home window tint can protect your property. Add style and increase your energy savings while you stop fading, hot spots, and fortify your home against intruders. Window Genie can grant all of these wishes with a fast and affordable installation. Call us now at 877-243-6432 to learn more!

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5 thoughts on “3 Surprising Ways Home Window Tint Can Protect Your Property”

  1. I had no idea that home window tinting had so many benefits. I like how you mention having the windows tinting will help keep my furniture and portraits protected from the bleaching sun rays. I have noticed on my leather couch it is more faded where the sun comes through. I will definitely look into getting my windows tinted to help preserve my nice things. Thanks for the information!

    1. Thanks for reading Alise! Window film is fantastic, we hope you find the best fit for your home!

  2. I didn’t realize that tinting the windows of your house could help to preserve the furniture in your house. That alone is enough for me to want window tinting. Furniture is very expensive and to see it fade over the years just reminds me how much I spent on it. If I could increase the lifetime of my furniture it would definitely be worth the investment to me. Also, the fact that tinting can also decrease the energy bills is amazing! I am definitely going to get my windows tinted!

  3. I had heard that window tinting was a great option for many, and wondered if I should get it. You wrote that window tinting can reduce the amount of light that comes into your home by 80%. If I could do that, it would be a lot easier to keep my home cool during the hot summer if I could cut out the sun light that. I’ll have to find a good service that could find me some good looking tints.

  4. My fiance and I are thinking about getting a window tinting for our home that we just moved into. We want to investigate the benefits more before we get it. It is nice to know that this option will lower the heat in our house.

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