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3 Ways Deck Pressure Washing Stave off another Staining Treatment

Decks, although expensive, are a wonderful feature to any home. Aside from being a great hang-out spot for friends and family, they add value to your home… so keeping them in good shape is a must!

Being so expensive and so valuable, it only makes sense to make the effort to prolong the lifespan of your deck, right? The average wooden deck has a lifespan of 10-15 years before major repairs and replacements need to start being considered. Depending on how you treat your deck, and the efforts you invest in its upkeep, you could add or subtract more than 5 years to that rough number. So what can be done?

Pressure washing is perhaps one of the most effective deck-cleaning and maintenance solutions out there for home owners to take advantage of. Deck pressure washing adds years of life and leaves a stunning finish that will make you think you traveled back in time. Read on to learn 3 ways that deck pressure washing can help increase your decks lifespan.

Prevent weathering after bad weather strikes.

The winter can be hard on your deck. The extra weight of snow, the sudden changes in temperature, and the constant exposure to moisture can really eat into its lifespan. Worst still, popular preventative salt treatments are quite acidic, and can have a corrosive effect on your deck’s surface.

Deck pressure washing with Window Genie provides the thorough clean you need to safely remove salt deposits from your deck. Prevent eroding stain coats by cleaning your wood down the fiber. Pressure washing will blast away salt, dirt, and any other seasonal grime that may have accumulated. Regular hosing, sweeping, and scrubbing simply isn’t enough, and amateur attempts with the pressure washing usually leaves the deck badly scarred.

Enjoy a free inspection.

All of our Window Genie deck pressure washing experts have extensive training that is matched only by their experience. Having seen thousands of decks in all shapes, sizes, and conditions, Window Genie workers are experts when it comes to identifying damages and worn-out stain. As we comb over your deck inch-by-inch with a thorough pressure washing treatment, we will be watching closely. Hiring a Window Genie pressure washer recruits a second set of eyes to help spot areas in need of touch-up. This lets you spot-treat unstained areas to avoid suffering damage that would call for a full redo.

Stain and seal while you wash.

Window Genie deck pressure washing workers offer top-tier sealing services too. Using a Ready Seal deck sealer, Window Genie can handle all of your sealing and staining needs at a lower cost when you bundle your cleaning and sealing services. We are happy to provide a free estimate for our sealing treatments while we treat your deck to an unparalleled clean.

Window Genie has been helping home and business owners keep their decks in shape for years. Deck pressure washing will improve the aesthetics of your home, restore wood surfaces, and provide the deepest clean possible. Save yourself another staining treatment and prolong the life of your deck with Window Genie, and remember: a simple maintenance program with Window Genie will save you money, as you are essentially ordering cleanings in bulk!

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