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3 Ways Gutter Cleaning Can Help You This Summer

Summer is here, but this is no time to ignore your gutters just because the winter thaw and rainy spring season are behind us! Read on to learn 3 ways that Window Genie’s gutter cleaning services can help you this summer.

Stop mold spores dead in their tracks.

Mold growth in the home has been the focus of many alarmist media reports over the past few years, and perhaps for good reason. Mold in the home is alarmingly common and is one of the main contributors to poor indoor air quality. Some of the dangers of mild mold exposure in the home include headache, dizziness, excessive coughing or sneezing, and eye irritation. More severe forms of mold, including the dreaded “black” mold, can cause all manner of nerve, immune system, respiratory, and vascular ailments. In heavier doses, this black mold can actually be lethal.

Protecting your family, pets, and friends from mold in the home requires a holistic effort. Proper ventilation must be created in the home, and your HVAC system will need to be checked to ensure you are not blowing spores into the lungs of your loved ones. Perhaps most important in the fight against mold is to control humidity and indoor water leaks. While most people think immediately of faulty plumbing and hostile weather conditions as culprits for indoor water and humidity problems, clogged gutters are a much more common cause.

Your gutters are integral for effective water filtration around the home. When a pleasant summer rain falls on your home, clean gutters are needed to filter water away at a safe distance. If your gutters are not fit for the task at hand, the surplus water will seek out the easiest route downward. In most cases, this means streaming back into your home, dribbling behind walls, and pooling out of sight in your ceiling. In the summertime, this problem quickly turns into a crisis, as the hot summer sun vaporizes standing water to create a perfectly humid climate that mold spores simply love.

Don’t let your home turn into a greenhouse for mold growth! Seek out Window Genie’s gutter cleaning services to keep your home safe from the hidden dangers of summer rainfall.

Don’t house bugs that are hungry for your home!

Clogged gutters are notoriously popular breeding spots for insects. A clogged gutter left untreated by a gutter cleaning company is an idyllic spot for an insect family to settle down; isolated from a number of prominent ground-level predators and filled with warm, sun-covered water brimming with tasty organic matter, your clogged gutters are an insect paradise.

All manner of home-wrecking bugs spawn in the summer months. From termites to the dreaded carpenter ants, the warm weather brings with it a whole host of creepy crawlers that can’t wait to sink their mandibles into your home! Keeping these pests at bay is hard enough without pulling out a welcome mat in the form of clogged gutters.

Investing in regular gutter cleaning services will eliminate a major problem area. Window Genie’s gutter cleaning services leave you with pristine, free-flowing gutters that deny insects their favorite breeding grounds. Contact America’s favorite gutter cleaning company today; our low gutter cleaning prices will save you the high cost of home repairs and pest control treatments!

Show off your landscaping this summer.

Homeowners across America lament the difficult job of keeping landscaping features clean and tidy. If you can fight off a creeping network of weeds, you still have to deal with legions of insects and other pests that threaten to chew, trample, and otherwise mess up your precious landscaping piece. If you can overcome these unruly elements, you may still see your landscaping pieces washed away if you don’t contact a gutter cleaning company this summer.

When properly maintained (and installed), gutters can be designed to divert summer rain run-off away from your landscaping pieces. Indeed, properly calibrated, your gutters can even be used to double as watering tools. However, when clogged or improperly positioned, your gutters can slop dirty rainwater all over your manicured gardens, statues, patios stones, awnings, or furniture. Summer is the best time to enjoy these hard-earned pieces of landscaping, so don’t let clogged gutters ruin what you worked so hard to install and maintain.

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