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3 Ways to Prevent Damage and Decay with Deck Pressure Washing

Summer is coming to a close, and a season of barbeques, patio parties, and deck lounging has left some unwanted mess, wear, and tear on the decks of homeowners across America. Rather than letting these stains sink in, many people are opting for a deck pressure washing to blast their wood surfaces clean before the winter months start weathering them.

Deck pressure washing is no joke! Many people prefer to leave this job in the hands of professionals because the reality is that nobody wants to use their home’s siding, driveway, or deck as a practice dummy while they get a grip on the learning curve.

When you’re pressure washing your wood siding, wood deck, or wooden fencing, you need to be very careful. However, you can get a successful clean without wreaking havoc on your wood if you follow some simple guidelines.

If you have considered investing in deck pressure washing either yourself or professionally, then Window Genie can help. Read on for 4 tips to prevent damage and decay with your deck pressure washing routine.

Don’t use too much muscle.

First of all, make sure you’re not using too strong of a pressure washer. 3000 PSI or less is recommended – this is powerful enough for any deck pressure-washing project. You have to be careful, especially if you’re renting the equipment or buying it from a big-brand box store because different models have drastically different power levels. Though the PSI level is usually displayed in the large-sized font on the front of the box, you should consult your owner’s manual if you have any trouble finding it.

Choose your nozzle wisely.

Secondly, the nozzle you choose is very important. Try to find one with a very wide sprayer. 40 degrees or so should work perfectly. This will prevent you from stabbing into the wood with a spearing jet of water. This could be difficult if you buy a big-brand box store model without any idea of the accessories that come with it. Nozzle attachments range from very cheap to surprisingly expensive high-quality pieces, but it is worth the cost if you insist on going at it alone.

If you’d prefer to save money on rentals, equipment purchases, and back-and-forth trips to find the right nozzle, then ask the Window Genie deck pressure washing experts to grant your wish!

Master the technique (or call in the masters!).

Of course, the most important thing you can do to prevent damage is to make sure you’re handling the equipment properly during your deck pressure washing chore. This is easier said than done, and many homeowners opt to hire Window Genie professionals rather than slugging through the learning process themselves. If you have to go it alone, remember to keep the spraying at a consistent distance away from the surface you’re washing at all times. Don’t stray to close, or you risk damaging the wood with point-blank water jet power. 12-16″ should be an ideal distance for you.

Interested in learning more about professional deck pressure washing? Whether you want to hire the Window Genie team, or simply have some questions to run by them before strapping on your rental equipment, you can find everything you need at All consultations are free, and don’t forget to ask about our bundle deck pressure washing discounts!

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