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3 Ways Window Cleaning Can Put Money in Your Pocket

Window Genie’s professional window cleaning service has been a tremendously popular aspect of our business since we launched the business in 1994. Homeowners recognize how cleaner windows can boost curb appeal, enhance the view, and wow house guests. The affordability of our long-term maintenance programs keeps us in constant demand. Our long-term customers realize that there is nothing quite like a professional window cleaning either. DIY attempts usually take all day, buckets of sweat, and leave streaks, suds, and smudges for all your hard work. In contrast, the Window Genie team guarantees a stunning, streak-free clean with our 3-step cleaning process that goes above and beyond what our competitors offer. These window cleaning benefits are well-known and widely celebrated, but did you know that professional window cleaning can put money in your pocket?

It may sound far-fetched, but Window Genie’s reasonable and discounted window cleaning cost can quickly pay itself back to you in the right circumstances. Read on to learn 3 reasons why!

Add dollars to your final selling price with increased curb appeal.

When it is time to put your house up for sale, one of the most cost-effective ways to add dollars to the offers you get is to boost your curb appeal. This will not only make your home seem more polished and high-value so that offers come in at a higher baseline amount, but will help your home stand out in listings and during tours so that you have more buyers to choose from in the end. A one-time professional window cleaning can quickly put money back into your pocket in this way.

Welcome warmth and sunshine in the winter months.

Clean windows draw in heat and light much more effectively than soiled ones. Rain, bug guts, salt, sap, and berry-filled bird droppings can all mark up your windows and block out the sun. As snow crowds your window sills during the winter months, you have precious little open glass through which the sun can shine. By keeping your windows as clean as possible, you can maximize the amount of sun and warmth that enters your home. This means that you can keep your thermostat running a little easier and that you can use your lights a little less often. Over time, these savings add up, and your professional window cleaning cost gradually starts to pay itself back.

Frequent cleanings mean frequent inspections.

How often can you say you inspect your windows? The homeowner’s maintenance task list is never empty, and with so many more pressing issues pulling your attention away, it can be easy to forget this important duty.

Neglecting frequent window inspections means that cracks and broken seals can slip past you. Many homeowners don’t even realize the amount of warm air escaping during the winter months through faulty window seals, or just how much humid air is creeping in. This can keep your HVAC system running over time, heating or cooling a steady stream of outside air in a futile effort to achieve your desired thermostat setting. You can expect a bloated utility bill and a worn-out HVAC system before long.

Window Genie professional window cleaning services recruit an extra set of eyeballs to check for any faulty seals around your home. Our technicians clean both the inside and outside of your windows, giving us the best chance to spot any problems. Catching a faulty seal early can save you hundreds in utilities, and thousands in HVAC replacement costs.

If you are interested in learning more about Window Genie’s professional window cleaning services or would like to inquire about our discounted maintenance programs, then visit today to learn more and start putting money in your pocket!

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