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4 Out of the Box Cleaning Hacks

cleaning equipment.

When it comes to cleaning, things can become mundane very quickly. No one really enjoys cleaning, but sometimes using a new product or a new method can really spice up your cleaning routine. I’m not talking about using lemons and vinegar. I’m talking about using very unique and out-of-the-box ideas that seem to work. I want to preface this by admitting that I haven’t tried any of these techniques so please be cautious.

  1. Bread and Broken Glass

Nothing is more frightening or annoying than dropping a glass. Shattered glass in any room makes a mess and trying to clean it up can be dangerous. One cool idea I came across was using bread to pick up smaller shards so you don’t cut yourself. Picking up the big pieces is easy. It’s the small pieces or even the dust that are difficult and cause the most damage. Grab a piece of bread (white bread works best) and sponge the area thoroughly. Dabbing the area with bread will grab the glass and hold onto it. Use a slice of bread so you don’t slice your finger!

  1. Coffee Filters for Your LCD

Coffee Filter

I have a single-serve coffee machine, but I never threw away all my old coffee filters. Now I know why! The tightly woven nature of a coffee filter makes it an awesome tool for cleaning your tv, monitors, and phones. It will grab dust and remove the static that attracts more dust. Why use a coffee filter over a paper towel? Filters won’t leave any of those awful fuzzies behind! So even if you don’t have that old coffee pot anymore, keep the filters!

  1. Wax Your Grout


This one isn’t so much cleaning as it is preventive maintenance. Cleaning grout is a rough and tiresome job. There are plenty of products out there that will clean it for you, but they all contain harsh chemicals and require a ton of elbow grease. Grab a white candlestick and rub it directly onto the grout. Make sure to firmly rub the wax over the cracks a few times to make sure it’s coated. Wax is hydrophobic by nature so coating your grout will not only keep dirt from settling into the hard-to-reach crevice but also keep water away, preventing mold and mildew from growing.

  1. Pet Hair vs. A Rubber Glove

Pet Hair Glove

Removing pet hair isn’t easy. If you have exhausted options like a vacuum or a lint roller, a rubber glove might be just the trick that could help. Almost everyone has a rubber glove so this could be the easiest solution to your hair problem. Whether they are disposable or used every day for dishes, a rubber glove will easily pick up pet hair. The glove is effective for a few reasons. Rubber can build up static electricity which will attract the hair and can force the fibers of your carpet or couch apart pulling the hair to the surface.

I’m sure I didn’t make cleaning any more fun for you, but hopefully, these out-of-the-box ideas will help make it a little more interesting. If you have any unique cleaning methods let us know!

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