4 Simple DIY Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break The Bank

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or simply want to make some improvements for you, we’ve compiled a list of easy DIY home improvement projects that won’t break the bank! These can be done over a weekend and typically cost less than $100… let us know in the comments what we forgot!



Duh! Arguably the easiest, cheapest and most dramatic quick change you can make to a room is with a new coat of paint. Doing an accent wall will take less time and paint, making this a very cheap and easy but impactful way to bring change to any room.

You can paint more than just your walls! Try giving your wood furniture or cabinets a new lease on life with a bold color change.



Isn’t the allure of wood flooring it’s beauty, sheen and sleekness? Don’t do a disservice to your wood flooring by ignoring it. There are plenty of great affordable products on the market designed to bring back your floor’s youthful glow. Twice a year is all it takes to keep away dullness due to dust, dirt and lint being tracked all over it.



A dirty rug sticks out like a sore thumb. We have carpet for warmth and comfort, but if your rug resembles your shirt after a pie eating contest… your room will just never feel clean. Shampooing your carpet in an average bedroom or living room takes under a half hour, so look for rental options in your area – or hire a professional! These options are both very affordable. It’s worth it to improve a feature in the room that takes up so much surface area. Depending on foot traffic, children, spill-prone people or otherwise, you may need to do this a few times a year to maintain a bright, spotless, soft carpet.



If you’re unable to afford completely replacing the bathroom vanity or kitchen sink, upgrading just the faucet can really make a difference. Replacing knobs on cabinets and drawers can add subtle personality and style, giving outdated furniture a newer feel. Another cheap and easy upgrade is to paint or replace outlet and light switch covers. Update your curtain rods to something more substantial and stylish.

There are certainly MANY more small improvements you can make around the home… these are just some of our favorites. Let us know in the comments what YOU have done!

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3 thoughts on “4 Simple DIY Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break The Bank”

  1. I have very limited space very small rooms also a son with cystic fibrosis. Meaning mold and water is an issue, and then my fiance has a spinal cord injury so he is not able to help a lot we have a very small bathroom small kitchen everything is small and outdated I’m trying to do the best I can on my own any suggestions would be helpful thank you.

    1. Replacing faucets, cabinet knobs and towel bars are quick ways to update a bathroom. The same thing can be done for a kitchen.
      This is considered easy to medium on the DIY difficulty scale.

  2. Heyy..!!
    I wanted to make something like that for my own especially since I’m planning on upgrading my seating space near the house. Lawn mower is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface. This is the best choice for home improvement..!!

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