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6 Ways to Add Flavor to Your Bland House

Bland room

Spring isn’t just the time for cleaning, it’s also a great time to liven up a bland room. While you’re cleaning and removing the dust, you can add something special to a room that can change the entire vibe of the room. The important thing is to have a plan. It’s easier to make good on any redecorating project if you have a game plan intact.

Bring In A Plant


There is no better way to bring a dead room alive then to utilize a potted plant. Removing that old played out decoration piece and replacing it with a beautiful orchid or the tropical hibiscus will breathe new life into your room. Fake plants could be an option, but they can become a dust magnet. Using real plants or flowers will give your bland room some flavor.

Recover Furniture

Anyone who has a small child or a pet understands the struggle. Whether it’s a spilled juice or a dog marking its territory, your furniture can become a stained mess. Instead of letting your couch or recliner look like a Jackson Pollock painting use slipcovers to freshen up their look. The great thing about slipcovers is that you can wash them or change them as often as you’d like.

Paint The Details

Painting a room is an obvious way to change the flow of a room, but it can be a stressful and tedious task. Instead of making it a difficult task, just keep it simple and paint the minute details of the room. Paint your trim, baseboards, and windowsills a different color. This little trick will drastically alter the room.

A Rug Can Do A Lot

Living room with sofa

Like “The Dude” said in the The Big Lebowski “That rug really tied the room together”. Whether you have wood floors or carpet, a rug can really change the feel of the room. Rugs are an age old trick used by professional designers for years. Choosing the right one can be difficult, so be careful and do your homework.


This is probably something you’ve tried, but I would be remiss to not mention it. A quick & easy way to change the perception of the room is to simply rearrange the furniture. The slightest change in a room’s configuration can make it seem new.

Dress The Windows


This is an area where you can get a little crazy. There are so many different ways to liven up a window beyond new curtains. Raising curtain rods or just simply changing the rod style could transform your room. Find a cheap or used cornice and completely change the look of the window. You could also apply braid, tape, or trim to the edge of your curtains. Of course, all the decorations in the world won’t matter if your windows aren’t clean!

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