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Good Luck Things for a New House & Superstitions

House at night during thunderstorm, overlaid with text that reads 7 Lucky Superstitions for Your New Home.

With spring being the best time of year to sell your home, many of you may find yourselves moving somewhere new this month. Sending your loved ones off with a simple, “good luck!” isn’t going to cut it. Here’s a list of 7 traditions, or superstitions, to bring good fortune with you as you start fresh!

Pick a Good Day to Move!


If your move in date is flexible, choose carefully. Aside from the hassle of moving in the rain, it is said to bring bad luck if you move on a dreary day. Also, check your calendar — here’s a Hindu calendar and Chinese Almanac that may help you determine which day you feel will be most lucky. These take into account numerology, the moon, and zodiac signs.

Leave Your Old Broom (and its Dust) Behind!

Old Broom.

The old Feng Shui tradition says… Don’t bring that stinky old broom into your new home! Leave your past in the dust and start fresh in the new home.

Light a Candle or Burn Sage

Burn Sage.

Typically a Native American tradition, burning sage has been adopted by many as a form of “cleansing” the home of negativity before starting anew. Simply bundle white sage with other fragrant items such as lavender and let it smolder like incense. Lighting a nice candle on your first night will also do!

Bread and Salt

Bread and Salt.

The combo of bread and salt is traditionally given as a gift from family/neighbors as a symbol of wealth, hospitality and prosperity. Bread is meant to symbolize meals to come, so the inhabitants never know hunger… while salt fills your life with flavor. A nice gesture, but practical too!

Boil Milk and Rice

Boil Milk and Rice.

A messy tradition, but one those in the Indian tradition swear by… boiling milk and rice until the pot overflows gives the home an image of the abundance of wealth and food the inhabitants can enjoy.

Ring a Bell


Ringing a bell in the new home will ward off negativity and disperse dying chi — creating a fresh vibe in the home. Open your windows, let the sunlight in and ring a bell to symbolize your new beginning in your new home.

Paint Your Porch Blue

Blue ceiling.

Warding off haints, or spirits, by painting your front porch blue is an old southern tradition — but a blue house may actually serve more than just that purpose! Many also say blue paint repels insects from nesting — and can create the illusion of daylight, brightening your space at dusk, extending the day.

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